Thanksgiving Stages Everyone Goes Through

Whatever you do, don’t forget your stretchy pants.

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Finally, after the worst year ever, Thanksgiving is finally here. Whether you’re having Thanksgiving dinner in a dress, around the table with the family or cooking up a storm for your dorm roommates in some loungewear. It’s safe to say you’ll be eating yourself into oblivion this holiday season. No matter what’s on the menu, just the thought of Thanksgiving dinner instantly makes us ready for a feast. 

However, Thanksgiving can actually be quite a traumatic day. From arriving early in anticipation of the feast to the final moment you realize you’re about to explode if you keep eating. So, in honour of Thanksgiving, here are all the extremely emotional stages of Thanksgiving that absolutely everyone experiences. 

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Stages of Thanksgiving everyone goes through

1. Anticipation

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The feelings of butterflies and whirlwinds in your stomach begin to arise to remind you of the feast that you are about to endure. There won’t be any presents this holiday season. But who’s going to argue that a festive banquet isn’t a prize?

2. Setting up the house

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The feelings of excitement quickly turn into panic as you realise you’ve left the decorations till the last minute. Its time to frantically decorate the house with all the knickknacks you can find. The dining table is the main factor of Thanksgiving and must be perfect. Otherwise, your mum won’t shut up about it.

3. The tease

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The early afternoon sun rolls in, along with scents that have you basking in flavours of roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and more. Your taste buds are now prepped and primed for the festivities.

4. The nerves kick in

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It’s just about time to plate up and suddenly, you consider why you have been stupid enough to invite your vegan and carnivorous friends to Thanksgiving dinner on the same day. Do you have enough variety of food to please everyone? You really wish you paid more attention in home ec.

5. Pursuit

Eating Thanksgiving

Its time to get your game face on, you’ve done the hard bit. Selecting the most unique and festive Thanksgiving food options is done, along with decorating the table with nonsense. Its time to finally dig in.

6. Feast mode

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The anticipation is officially killing you. It’s that time to loosen your elastic waistband and take off your bra. Its food time. We suggest no one tries to get any pics for insta. It’s not going to be a pretty sight.

7. Relief

Will Smith Thanksgiving

Ah, finally everyone is tucking into your food. No one is talking and everyone is focused on their delicious plate. The only sounds that can be heard are cutlery hitting plates and quiet moans of pleasure. You’re really quite astonished by your culinary ability. Someone get Gordan Ramsey on the phone now.

8. Thankful

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Its time to give thanks. After all, that’s the reason that everyone is here. You’re so thankful for your astonishing plate of food, along with your life in general. As everyone is holding hands around the table, you realize this is getting a bit awkward. Time to wrap this up quickly and get to the desert.

9. Game time

Monopoly Thanksgiving

Everyone’s recovering from overstuffing their inflated bellies. Nevertheless, its time to crack open the games. At this point, everyone is a little merry and the Monopoly game is starting to get slightly out of hand. Someone has a brilliant brainwave to play a game of charades, which goes downhill quickly as everyone proceeds to drink more and more eggnog.

10. Drunk, happy + ready for bed

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Congratulations, you just ate your own body weight in turkey and pumpkin pie, and there’s not an ounce of regret in sight. You’re currently lying on the floor from being ridiculously stuffed and laughing a bit too hard with your friends and family. Here’s the good news, you have a whole year to recover and think about how you can top next years Thanksgiving.

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