Here’s who you should be following on Instagram for your daily dose of #fitspo…

fitness instagram accounts to follow


Cat is a fitness and travel blogger from Hertforshire and her Insta feed is all the motivation we need to get back in the gym after a very indulgent Christmas break. As well as her seriously enviable workout wardrobe, you’ll see a lot of bendy poses and a variety of ways to workout including running, yoga, hiking and dance.

 fitness instagram accounts


Hannah is a Manhattan-based Insta fittie, DJ and founder of (a website dedicated to health, fitness and beauty). Hannah pretty much covers all forms of exercise on her Insta account with yoga, aerobics, swimming, tennis and gym workouts all featuring often. She’s also a pretty cool gal so even if you’re not that into working out, you’re gonna wanna follow this chick.

instagram accounts to follow


If living vicariously through someone else’s Instagram is more your jam than say, getting to the gym yourself, then Bianca’s feed is a pretty good place to start. She’s a model, yoga instructor and founder of wellbeing and fitness website and her life is pretty fabulous when it comes to both fitness and her personal life.

instagram for fitness


Joe Wicks is one very fit and very funny guy. He helps people all over the world transform their bodies with his Lean in 15 fat loss plan and his Insta feed is full of examples of these transformations. He also posts easy, healthy and very tasty (we know, we’ve tried them ourselves) 15 second recipes, presented in his own unique and witty manner (midget trees, anyone?).

fitness instagrammers


This girls body will have you running for the gym, trust us. Kayla is a fitness trainer and health guru from Adelaide, Australia and her Instagram account has become a fitness sensation with over 4.2m followers. Follow her feed for serious workout motivation, healthy eating inspo and motivational quotes.