The best MSGD Gym sets

…according to your workout of choice

Written by Liv Grady

May 16, 2021

Girl sitting on the floor in missguided gym sets

Gyms are officially back open and as of the 17th May, group classes will also be able to resume in England. If you ever needed a sign for some new gym sets, this is it. Whether you are doing a spin class, lifting weights, circuit training or straight up cardio, discover MSGD looks for every workout.

The latest MSGD women’s fitness range is made from breathable and supportive fabric, which is sourced from recycled fibres. Take your pick from different styles, colours and fits, created from squatproof fabrics and finished with moisture wicking technology.

girl wearing gym set stood on roof hands in the air
girl wearing gym sets stood on roof

Gym sets for different workout routines

Weights (Arms, back and shoulders)

If you are on an upper body day, you want a top without restrictive sleeves which can impact your form. You will also want to ensure that your sports bra or top is sufficiently fitted around your middle to stop it from riding up when you reach upwards (eg. Lateral pull down machine).

Lower body day (legs and bum)

Squatproof leggings and cycling shorts are must on leg day. Opt for something that feels secure and supportive, such as high waisted styles with strong waistbands. There is nothing worse than being conscious of your leggings falling down mid-squat. Team these with short or long sleeve gym tops, whatever you fancy

Cardio (treadmill, stepper, etc)

For cardio at the gym, breathability is key. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped or claustrophobic in your own clothes. Wear a sports bra alone or layered with a loose fitting top.

If you wanna find out how the MSGD gym sets fit, feel and perform, then take a look at the activewear fit guide, for a more in depth look at every style.