The Christmas films checklist

Its time to get into the festive spirit.

Christmas Films Christmas Tree Missguided

Its officially December, the most festive month of the year. That means its time to get into the cosiest pyjamas or loungewear you have, whack out all the classic Christmas films you have, and watch on repeat for the next 30 days.

However, if you are after some more classic Christmas films to get you through the month, we’ve got you covered with a list of Christmassy films.

From The Nativity to The Holiday and The Snowman, to newer soon to be classics such as The Christmas Chronicles and Holidate. Discover the ultimate binge-watching list below.

Your new face Christmas films list

Arthur Christmas

arthur christmas films

Arthur Christmas is a family fave and a truly heart-warming film. If you love getting the tissues out at Christmas, this film is the one for you.

The Polar Express

The polar express christmas films

The Polar Express has given us many memes and laughs along the years. So, if you’re looking for a truly good Christmas film that has stood the test of time, The Polar Express is a great film to add to your Christmas watch list.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Christmas Film Checklist Missguided

For all of our over 18 gals out there, if you’re after Christmas films that are actually really hilarious, Office Christmas Party is filled with all the things a Christmas film shouldn’t be about, and we absolutely love it.

A Miracle On 34th Street

a miracle on 34th street Christmas films

If you want to stick to true classic Christmas films, A Miracle On 34th Street is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s guaranteed to be one of your mum’s favourites (yes, it’s that old), so get watching for all the Christmas feels.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow Christmas Film List Missguided

If you like watching newer Christmas films, this one is for you. Let It Snow ties many characters together in a series of events that leads to a lovely happy ending. If you’re looking for a Christmas film to put a smile on your face, check this bad boy out.

Christmas With The Kranks

Christmas With The Kranks Christmas Film List Missguided

Hitting ya with another Christmas classic – centring around a family that refuses to celebrate Christmas until their daughter makes a surprise return home. Christmas With The Kranks is packed full of funny, heartwarming moments and is perfect for your Christmas watch list.

Love Actually

love actually Christmas films

This one goes without saying, it may be one of the best Christmas films ever made. Packed with an all-star cast (including the one and only Snape from the Wizarding World). This film will make you laugh, cry and all of the above.

Home Alone

Home Alone Christmas Film List Missguided

We couldn’t round off this list without mentioning Home Alone, the true classic of Christmas films. This absolute staple has probs been watched at least 100 times by your family by now. Why not add one more watch to the list this Christmas?

So there you have it, our fave Christmas films that should be added immediately to your Christmas film watch list. Its the most wonderful time of the year, and after the year we’ve had, there’s no need to feel bad about lounging on the sofa, watching all of your fave Christmas films with a bucket of celebrations. We reckon you’ve earned it. Check out our Christmas pyjamas below to have the ultimate Netflix and chill sesh. Be safe, and have a wonderful Christmas.