The student guide to washing your clothes with Daz

You never need to ruin a top again

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When you move out of your parents’ house, not only do you learn to live independently, drink like a champion and cook a boiled egg, but you are also tasked with washing your own clothes.

If you are stressed about accidentally turning all your knickers pink, or shrinking your fave loungewear set, we are here to save the day.

Lockdown means that you probs can’t stuff all of your dirty clothes into a suitcase and hop on the train home, so it’s time to grab a pack of Daz All-In-One pods and get cracking.

How to wash your clothes easily with Daz

The Daz All-In-One pods are probs the easiest way to ensure that you can remove stubborn stains, keep colours bright and safely wash your clothes without the fear of ruining them. They are basically the washing pods that do everything. 

*Boring disclaimer bit* Remember to check the labels for any further instructions, we can’t be held responsible for any washing disasters!

How to sort laundry  

The first step to ensure you are washing your clothes safely, is to split them into different piles. Rather than just lights and darks, you should be sorting them into whites, dark colours, light colours and delicates. If you wanna save a bit of money on your wash, see if your housemates have extra clothes to include in your more empty piles.

What settings to use on your washing machine…

Whether you are in a house share with your own machine, or you have a laundrette in your student halls, it’s crucial to check what cycle you are washing your clothes on.

  • Normal cycle– ideal for dark colours, jeans, bedding and towels
  • Permanent press – perfect for synthetic fabrics that can get a little smelly, including nylon and polyester
  • Delicate/Handwash – this should be your go-to for satin, sequins, lingerie, sheer fabrics, tights and knitwear. Bear in mind, it probs won’t remove more stubborn stains though.
  • Cool wash– Daz pods work great in a cold wash (30 degrees) which is ideal if you want to save on energy bills (and help save the planet at the same time!).

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Now you know how to wash your clothes, it’s time to head to Home Bargains, Morrisons, B&M or Savers to grab yourself a box of Daz All-in-One. You can get 25% off your next order when you buy a pack. You know what that means? Even more clothes to wash. Find out how to claim your voucher here.

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