Tiger King: Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Tiger King bought us drama, loads of terrible people, big cats and countless iconic fashion moments. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks from Joe Exotic and ‘that b*tch’ Carol Baskin.

Every Tiger King Fashion moment you need to see

From the GW Zoo in Oklhahoma, to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida, the cast of Tiger King provided us with hundreds of MAJOR fashion statements. Just think flower crowns, sequins and a sh*t load of animal print. Get scrolling below to take a look at our ultimate faves.

If you are a fan of the show, but you don’t quite fancy Carol Baskin’s bright pink cheat print floral blouse, you will be happy to know that you can now treat yourself to Tiger King inspired hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts from Missguided.

Fringed leather jackets

A personal favourite of Mr Exotic himself, his collection of fringed leather jackets was just a bit unbelievable. Every time the camera panned back to him, it seemed as though he was wearing YET another one.

Joe exotic tiger king
Joe exotic black leather jacket


Flower crowns

Carol Baskin is known as a lot of things, but the Flower Crown Queen has to be one of them. Who knew you would get so much use of that festival crown you bought back in 2016? Throw on a leopard print top and a little headband and you are channelling all the CB vibes.

Carol Baskin tiger king flower crown
Carol Baskin flower crown


Anything animal print

Tiger King has just increased our obsession with animal print (if that was even possible). From sequin leopard print to cheetah flares and tank tops, the big cat community are obsessed with matching their clothes to their animals.

Joe exotic and tiger
Carol baskin leopard print
Carol baskin leopard print flares
Doc Antle's staff tiger king


If you wanna get more of an Exotic fix, we’ve rounded up some of the best Tiger King memes from around the internet.

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