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Your lockdown entertainment sorted.

Written by Liv Grady

January 15, 2021

Bridgerton HQ tv and book reccomendations

Lockdown got you stuck for something new to read or watch? We got you covered. We asked the team at Missguided HQ to let us in on their bingeworthy shows and page-turning books.

Whether you have completed Netflix, looking for something new to download on your kindle, or just feeling a little uninspired by your watch list, start scrolling to see what we have been obsessing over whilst working from home.

TV and book faves from Missguided HQ

Get scrolling for your culture fix in lockdown.


The Ripper

Based on the true crime investigation of the Yorkshire Ripper in 70s, this 4 part series investigates the police hunt, the victims and the grip that the case had on the nation as a whole.

Tiny Pretty Things

Based on the book by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, Tiny Pretty Things follows the rise and fall of two young ballerinas. They are both in attendance of Chigaco’s only elite dance school: the Archer School of Ballet. The academy is an oasis of dancers from all walks of life, backgrounds and upbringings, yet they all share one passion, dance.

Good Girls

Think Bridesmaids meets Breaking Bad. Good Girls is now on its third season, meaning you have plenty to binge. It follows three seemingly-suburban mums and their journey into crime, drugs, affairs and more. It’s funny and more light hearted than it sounds, we promise.


We couldn’t really write an article without mentioning Bridgerton could we? The whole internet is obsessed over it, and there’s a good reason. This show manages to strike the perfect balance between Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey, there is also a bit of a Wes Anderson vibes in the scenery, what more could we ask for?

Night Stalker

If you need another true crime fix, then Night Stalker is the new series for you. It tells the terrifying tale of one of America’s most prolific serial killers Richard Ramirez. The shows follows the police investigation and his prolific crimes.


This TV show three unsuspecting women in Dundee, who join forces to uncover the truth about an unsolved murder case that’s very close to home.

The wilds

An Amazon Prime original, this tv show has been the talk of the internet. A group of teenage girls end up stranded on a desert island. They couldn’t be more different, but have to find a way to work together in order to survive. They learn, grow and bond as the learn to fend for themselves. But all is not as it seems, this ‘accidental plane crash’ may not have been an accident after all.

Book recommendations

Whether you are an avid reader or you are taking lockdown as an opportunity to stop neglecting your book, here are the page turners we’ve been loving at Missguided HQ.

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