What is my love language? 5 types to learn.

Chapman’s love language’s + what they mean.

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 19, 2021

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Thanks to Valentine’s Day, the topic of ‘what is my love language?’ is cropping up a lot. So, we thought we would give you an insight into what your love language may be. Once you have found your most natural and dominant language, implement this into your relationship and show off on Valentine’s Day. This will really show your significant other just how much you love them. Keep on reading to be put to the love language test.

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What is your love language?

According to Chapman, there are 5 key love languages. Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. You can be 1, 2 or all 5 of these love languages. Don’t sweat it if you aren’t quite sure what love language is your bag. Don’t worry, we are doing a full breakdown below. Keep on reading to find out more.

The 101 on love languages

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words of affirmation

Words of affirmation are any spoken/written words that uplift, and confirm love for your partner. Words of affirmation is a way of physically giving or receiving love in a relationship. So, if you are a big written words person, get writing for Valentine’s Day to show your significant other just how much you care. Not only will this save you some serious dosh, but you will also impress to the max.

quality time

Maybe you dedicate a lot of time to work or school. It’s probably time to set aside an evening to spend some quality time and give your lover some undivided attention. The love language of quality time is making sure your partner feels prioritized and cherished. So, rather than just throwing gifts at your significant other this Valentine’s, simply spending some meaningful time together.

recieving gifts

For all of our gals who love material things in life, that can simply be explained away by ‘receiving gifts’. No, you’re not completely selfish to love the finer things in life. Presents are physical symbols of love that express the affection someone has for another. So, if the bae’s love language is receiving gifts, each presents your gift them is wrapped in an expression of true love. Pick up some of our loungewear to surprise him/her with the best gift of all.

acts of service

Let’s talk about sex, baby. In terms of intimate relationships, acts of service is a love language that can be described by doing acts for your partner that you know they like. We don’t really need to explain…Or on a lighter note, acts of service can be filling up their petrol, cooking them a delicious meal or tidying the house. Giving up your time for love is what acts of service are all about.

physical touch

If your love language is physical touch, you probs prefer physical expressions over all expressions of love (like Valentine’s Day gifts, or compliments). There are both intimate and non-intimate touches that you should utilise to show your partner just how much you love them. Whether you are relaxing on the sofa or getting sultry in the bedroom, show your partner love with physical touch.

Put it to the love language test

Start practising these love languages to find out which expression of love feels the most comfortable for you. You won’t regret it. Pick up some of our new lingerie at Missguided for the best at home Valentines day ever. Need a little inspo on what to do this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we have you covered with lockdown approved Valentine’s Day activities.