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28 Nov, 2016

Meet the Bloom Twins.  The Ukraine-born identical twins have an intoxcating songs that we’re obsessing over rn.  They’ve toured with Duran Duran, have the coolest music videos and have today released their latest track Set Us Free!  We caught up with them to chat gigs, secret addictions and what they’ve got on the agenda for the rest of 2016…

interview bloom twins

Tell us about yourself…

We moved to London 4 years ago and can’t imagine ourselves being elsewhere. We are in love with British music, and love the fact that you’re exposed here to so many creative places. London inspired us to write our first song and made us find our own sound that we call Dark Pop.

Your videos are amazing, which has been your favorite to create so far? 

Our favorite video to create was ‘Amnesia’. It felt so weird but cool and it describes us, and our music, so perfectly. Black and white, Yin and Yang.

How would you describe your aesthetic and how does it inspire your music? 

The appreciation of beauty (for us) is in a form of art and self-realisations. What we wear or what we see is 360 degrees of music.  It is an entire package that inspires one another. It sets no boundaries for art. If you are an artist, you are an artist at everything that you do.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met so far?

Each other. We meet new sides everyday, and we inspire one another to get better.

Where can we see you perform next?

We’re going to be headlining Nambucca in London on December 13th!

What’s the best gig you have ever played? 

Our first headline show in Ukraine. We still can’t forget the huge queue outside when doors opened. We felt like crying with joy! The energy, people, our parents that couldn’t wait to hear us… best feeling ever! When we were on stage, we felt something special. The other incredible gigs were on tour with Duran Duran in Italy. Surreal, warm energy coming from thousands of people.

interview bloom twins

What’s on the agenda for 2016?

To release a video for ‘Set Us Free’ and share our music with even more people across the UK

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

We’d like to collaborate with Ryan Tedder from One Republic.  He is so talented not only when he is on stage, but he is also an incredible and versatile songwriter.  On stage, you can’t stop looking at him because he’s so mesmerizing.

Why do you think the relationship between fashion and music is so strong?

Fashion and music are like my sister and I – very connected and you can’t tear it apart. Fashion is how our music looks. Two identical spooky twins on stage, with smoky eyes playing electronic music. That’s the way we feel it.

What’s your favorite music video?

Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’. It’s a perfect mix of getting crazy but still trying to stay the same – an absolutely iconic video.

What’s your spirit animal?

Penguins. Do you ever see one of them on their own? They always stick to one another! Happy, black and white and energetic. Brings a smile to my face when I think about them 🙂

Who are you currently stalking on Instagram?

Zach King, Jared Leto and Ana Kuni. You don’t know what magic is until you’ve seen Zach’s work! We are absolutely in love with Jared Leto’s documentaries; sometimes it gets dangerous, scary, but always inspiring. As for Ana Kuni, her art is beautiful. We actually have several pieces of her artwork, and we’re trying to convince her to do some collaborations with us. It’s always heartwarming to see your compatriot succeed.

What makes you laugh?

When people say: “Everyone, get ready. 3 2 1 Action! Guuuuuuys don’t laugh, concentrate!!” Believe me, it’s so tough not to laugh after this phrase.

What’s your secret addiction?

Coffee. It’s actually scary to imagine having a day without it.

Who’s your celebrity wannabe wife? 

Celebrities don’t have time to sleep. How would they be able to spend the rest of their lives with me! We all need attention sometimes, don’t we?

What would your superhero power be? 

We already have one. We are able to read each other’s minds. It’s enough to just look at each other to understand what the other is thinking about.

What was the first thing you did this morning? 

Turned my alarm off and continued sleeping!

interview with bloom twins

Tell us something weird about yourself…

We say the same things at the same time. We sing the same melodies and have the same dreams. It’s quite freaky.

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

Bedouin, Nine Inch Nails, Disclosure, HVOB, Dua Lipa & Gorgon City.

What’s your song to get you ready for a party?

‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer

What has been your favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Italy. The people are so warm and welcoming. There was the best energy ever and their food and COFFEE are off the scale.

If you were a Spice Girl which one would you be?

A Salty one…!

What do you love about Missguided? 

We’re loving the layered/urban feel items. Something which would definitely be a key ingredient to get us inspired for a cool RnB song.

What item of clothing can’t you live without? 

Boots of all kinds – we’re super addicted. Having lines of them in the hallway and getting super excited / kinda sweating when passing by. The scary thing is that you always need more!

What items do you make sure you pack on your travels? 

Pants, socks, boots & a harmonica

Who is your style icon and why? 

Madonna (1984 to be precise). Very fresh, bubbly, but also smart and French-inspired. Her quote sums it all up – “do you think someone else could come up with it?”

Where do you look for fashion inspiration? 

From 90s movies.

bloom twins interview

What best describes your style? 

Black and white, but still young and flowering.

What’s your favourite fashion trend this season and why? 

Hippie – very tender and sophisticated. Almost like a teen becoming a woman. The Michael Kors and Burberry collections feel like they are also about being young and blooming beauty. Discovering who you are. Very 90s.

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be?

I believe it is too hard to pick anyone’s wardrobe really. All we want is a different one every season!

You can only wear one outfit for the rest of the year, what is it?

A long dress that I would cut gradually until it becomes short. That way I can wear one outfit that transforms itself.

Which city has the best fashion?

Every city has got a fashion that’s inspired from another city – so I guess that city is called Planet Earth!

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