Chippy Nonstop is the kind of rapper you listen to when you want to be the most badass version of yourself. Check out ‘Money Dance’ and you’ll see what we mean. She makes partying look like a legit career path, all the while engaging and enraging via her prolific Twitter feed.  We caught up with her for a chat…

interview chippy nonstop

missguided interview chippy nonstop

Hey Chippy, how’s it going?

Hi, I’m chillin.

Tell us how you got into music…

It’s kind of random story, I’ve always been into music.  When I was 18 I was dancing for a DJ and Paul Devro, from Mad Decent (Diplo’s label) took notice of me and asked me to record with him in the Mad Decent studio.  We made a bunch of songs together, but never did anything with them. A few months later a somewhat popular rapper, from the Bay Area, dm’d me on Twitter to make a song with him called ‘Yous A Chote’, after that show how people just thought I was a singer/rapper and kept asking me to make songs with them.  I even made a song with G-Eazy, that same year.

What’s been your most fun video to shoot?

Money Dance, by far.

Out of the places you’ve lived which city most inspired your work?

Previously I would have said, Bay Area (Oakland & San Francisco), but I now I don’t know I’m really just influenced by Indian (Bollywood) music, Angolan music and Reggaeton.

You’re in Toronto currently. How are you finding it?

Toronto is really fun right now, it’s going through a transitional phase and progressing really quickly. Thank you, Drake.

What are you working on at the moment?

In terms of music, I’m working on a few collaborations with some club producers, just a few loose tracks here and there. I also create a workshop called Intersessions, which is a sound initiative to address the gender disparity in music, specifically DJing and production. We curate events bringing together the most talented femme identifying, women, LGBTQ+ people we know to come teach people how to DJ, record vocals and produce.

I’m also currently working on some writing and video production stuff with Vice.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Pitbull and Kesha.

missguided chippy nonstop interview

What’s the first track you listened to this morning?

Studio essentials?


You’ve mentioned you’re writing a few books…can you tell us anything about any of them yet?

None of my book ideas are completely solidified.  I just have been writing a lot, since I got deported and banned from America last year.

Best party you’ve been to?

Berghain, Berlin.

What’s your favourite era?


Plans for next year?

I really want Intersessions to grow, tour, DJ and perform around the world, keep writing, I really want to produce a TV show and hopefully start stand up comedy too.

I might be too ambitious, so I’m down.

Describe your look in five words.

Lmao I feel like anything I say will sound cheesy as fuck, but here I go.

Patterns, youthful, unique, orange, texture.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

I just wear whatever I want, I think I’m most inspired by fabric, patterns and texture.

What item of clothing can’t you live without?

Right now I have this hoody my friend, Puffy Pain (Instagram) made for me, it’s so cozy and I love the paint on it.

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Who should we be stalking on Insta?








If you could steal anyone’s style, whose would it be?

Idk I like mine, don’t really want to steal anyone’s style, but I guess everyone would probably say Rihanna.

What do you love about Missguided?

Even though it’s fast fashion, Missguided has a unique group of young multi-cultural women that work for them with all different body types and unique perspectives. I think Misguided really stays in touch with the youth and what they want without being cheesy or bad quality and still being affordable.

Boots or heels? Boots

Silver or gold? Gold

Eyeliner or lipstick? Lipstick

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Beach or pool? Pool

Club or house party? Club

Mani or pedi? Pedi

Boybands or girlbands? Girls

Sun or moon? Moon

Food or sleep? Food

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