Missguided Discovered caught up with CLiQ aka Robin and Max, the duo behind ‘Wavey.’ If you didn’t already know ‘Wavey’ is the track from our January campaign video that we literally can’t stop listening to. We chatted all things from going out playlists to what’s on the agenda for 2018 and the guys also made us an exclusive playlist to share with you all…


Hey guys, how are you?

We’re very well thank you! We’re excited to be speaking with Missguided. 

How would describe your sound?

Chunky bass and beats with a house swing to it, mixed up with some urban sounds.
We are just trying to make music which makes us feel good.

What’s the last album you listened to all the way through?

It’s actually been a while since we have listened to a whole album all the way through. Times are changing so it seems that artists are not focusing on albums but more EPs and single tracks. So, the last whole album we listened to was probably Disclosure’s one.

Who inspires you musically?

It’s big mash-up with anything from Prince all the way to Black Coffee. Just the energy itself in the crowd on a dance floor is a big inspiration too.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Fresh new names; we get inspired by new artists who have an edge. So always open to listen to and meet new artists. Also, big names such as DJ Khalid, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars etc. would obviously always work LOL

What’s on your current going out playlist?

Wavey, on repeat of course 😉 We have also made a playlist for all the Missguided fans to Get Wavey and shop to 


What advice do you have for artists trying to break into the industry?

As we all know, it’s quite hard to get into the music industry, but with some good networking skills, self-promotion and musical ear would be a good start. Doing your own club nights, mashups/remixes that you share online and a bunch of good friends that can tell you when your music sounds good or not would help too. Even better if you can get them to share your music so you start building some fans and followers 😉

What’s on the agenda for 2018?

We’re busy in the studio creating new material, which we hopefully can share with everyone soon. Doing promotion and guest mixes. So overall very excited about 2018 and the future with CLiQ!

Wanna know more about CLiQ? Follow them on Insta @officialcliq


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