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21 Apr, 2017

interview with a.g

Hi A.G! How’s it going? 

Hey, it’s sunny so I’m great! Hope you are too.

Tell us about your NTS show… 

The MnM Show is my baby! It’s part talk show and part live mixing & I get the sickest selection of guests & guest mixes every episode. Catch it fortnightly Thursdays on NTS or swing by agthedj.com where I do a write up after each show. 

What DJs did you look up to growing up? 

Growing up I’d say Rossi B & Luca, EZ, Slimzee, Logan Sama, Spyro, Spooky, tbh I’m still growing up.

 Has where you’re from influenced your style as a presenter? 

I reckon I’m pretty East London in everything I do so I guess so. 

You recently remixed your first track…what’s next for you as a producer?

Learning to execute my ideas properly cause I still haven’t got a clue LOL (check out froyo tho). 

missguided music interview

International Women’s Day is just behind us and you were involved in workshops introducing women to DJing. Is teaching something you’d like to do more of?

 Yesss definitely! I actually learned loads whilst teaching which I didn’t expect, I also met amazing people at both workshops.

 What’s the best advice you’ve been given? 

Embrace your weirdness & make it your usp. 

Favourite gig you’ve played so far? 

Outlook Festival 2016.

 Who do you rate from the next generation of DJs coming up rn? 

Amz! I rate her as a DJ and also as an event promoter, her rave Magic Clit is such a vibe & creates a much needed safe space for members of the LGBTQ community to just come an vibe!

 Why do you think the relationship between music and fashion is so strong?

 They’re both are amazing forms of self-expression so it’s a natural pair-up. 

a.g interview music

Where do you get your style inspiration? 

A mixture of sportswear/menswear trends & my general mood. 

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, whose would it be? 

This is hard but old skool Missy Elliot, or present day Schoolboy Q. 

What five items of clothing do you always take on holiday? 

I actually have never gone on holiday. Cue the violins. 

What’s your favourite trend this season? 


 Who’s the last person you followed on Insta?

 Corsica studios, they reposted my NTS 6th birthday promo pic like real Gs.

a.g interview missguided

 Tell us something weird about yourself… 

I was going to say the fact I don’t like potatoes, but I just asked ‘what’s weird about me?’ out loud & everyone said ‘everything’ so there’s that. 

Biggest fashion disaster?

LOL I feel like I make them all the time trying to be comfy fly. It’s only a disaster if you admit it. 

Favourite place to go out when you’re not working? 

Chipotle. Always chipotle. Chipotle. 

Where can we see you playing out next? 

Nike x Radar Radio @ Fabric Sunday 26th, Floor Sixx on the 31st, Carhartt  WIP store 6th April, NTS 6th birthday on the 8th April. Also djing for Trim in Milan on the 1st of April. 

Finally, what do you love about Missguided? 

I love the styles on Missguided, it’s literally so so easy to pick a great outfit off the site & I mostly wear oversized mens clothing! Also love the visual content Missguided put out, quick shout out to my girl Snoochie Shy!

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