Meet model Anni Haase, the mega babe based in London who’s serious face, hair and bod goals.  We caught up with her to chat beauty must-haves, go-to outfits and celebrity wannabe wives…

anni model interview missguided

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a model from Germany living in London for 2 years. I love fashion, dancing, travelling, laughing and connecting with people everywhere I go!

Who has been the coolest person you’ve worked with?

It must have been the couple Marina & Pedro from Sao Paulo (@wearealiveagency) who are travelling around the USA in their retro van, with their dog, taking pictures of the places they visit and the models they meet along the way. They picked me up in the flat I was staying in LA, West Hollywood and we drove to Venice Beach to shoot – It was amazing!

Describe your personal style in 3 words…

Cool, sexy, experimental

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I guess I’m looking most for inspiration on Instagram, but also travelling and seeing people dress a certain way inspires me.

missguided model interview

What item of clothing could you not live without?

I guess it would be crop tops!

What are your beauty must-haves?

FACE: face-tonic – it’s a moisturizing spray with cucumber extract, a moisturiser specifically made for my skin! I’m lucky to have my German girl Anna who’s a cosmetician – All of my products are from her! They are the best. (@beauteconceptlandau)

HAIR: I’m obsessed with the brand Kevin Murphy – “Kevin Murphy Body.Mass” to grow and thicken thin hair is my favourite!

BODY: I love all kinds of body oils – of course without any perfumes inside!

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Definitely Rihanna’s – I love her style and attitude!

anni model interview

What’s your go-to outfit?

Black boots, trousers, crop top or oversized top, hat, jacket

What items do you pack for your travels?

Bikinis & bathing suits, crop tops, denim, maxi dresses, hats, beauty products, tanning oil, chokers, sunglasses…and the list goes on BUT I just take things which I know I will wear or need!

What’s your favourite fashion trend this season?

I love the extra long sleeves on shirts, crop tops, hoodies, which go over your hands!

Who’s your celebrity wannabe wife?

Bella Hadid

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

I’ve visited so many breathtaking places – but one of them was on the top of a hill in the jungle of Bali where there’s a restaurant with a pool at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean! It’s magic!

missguided interview model

What emoji best describes you?

I just couldn’t decide which one, so I asked my boyfriend for help – he said one emoji ain’t enough!

Who are you stalking on Instagram RN?

@madisonbeer and @selenagomez… FIRE!!!

What do you love most about Missguided?

Whenever I search for a new piece to add to my closet, I always find something special on your site which I need to have! I love that you guys have amazing petite clothes which always fit my little tiny waist!

What album/track can you not stop listening to right now?

112 feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase – Only You (Bad Boy Remix)

model anni interview

What are your 5 desert island discs?


Rihanna – Anti


The Weekend – Starboy

Kerry Chandler

Who would be in your ultimate girl gang?

All my best friends of course (Celebs: Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner)

What’s on the agenda for 2017?

South of France, Los Angeles and hopefully Bali! I don’t really plan anything, I am very spontaneous so I could end up anywhere in the world at any time. I love to be in the present and enjoy the now.

interview model anni

Leather or denim?


Tattoos or no tattoos?


Heels or flats?


Red lips or nude lips?

Nude lips!

Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram. I never liked Twitter lol

Kylie or Kendall?


Rock or rap?


Rihanna or Beyoncé?


Festivals or clubs?


Ibiza or Vegas?

Ibiza….but only cause I haven’t been to Vegas yet!

Music or food?


Beach or pool?  


Dogs or cats?

Dogs! I’m allergic to cats

Nights out or nights in?

You need to have both!

Gold or silver?

Gold AND silver – I even like to mix them up sometimes.

Maxi or mini?


Wanna know more?  Follow Anni on Insta @annihaase.

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