Babes on the rise: Singer-Songwriter Loop

She’s the singer, songwriter, mega babe that should be on everyone’s radar. We caught up with babe on the rise Loop to chat breaking into the music industry, her new single ‘Maybe I’m A Liar’ and what’s on her agenda for the rest of the year…


Tell us about yourself…

I’m always smiling (unless I’m hungry/cold..) and a bit of a goof. I’ve wanted to be a singer since I was teeny and have been writing songs since I was tiny, and used to make my whole junior school watch me sing my new songs at the end of most lunch breaks. I love popcorn, pandas, pop music, pizza, parties, (pizza parties), and performing. All the best Ps.

What does a day in the life of you look like?

It depends! Usually I’ll get up, go to the gym/do life admin/do my vocal exercises, then head to a studio session (which could be anywhere in or outside of London, depending on the producer), then home for dinner… or I’ll have rehearsals with my band for a gig, or I’ll have a couple meetings or a shoot or something, and then go out eating/drinking with friends to make the most of my shoot makeup!

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Ooo probably playing Heaven, when I supported Jonas Blue. We’d just toured Europe and that was the headline London show and it was such an amazing vibe. The crowd was so up for it and I loved my outfit, so that always helps me perform better!

Who did you listen to growing up?

Christina Aguilera (her Stripped album was my favourite in the worrrld), Britney, The Spice Girls, N*Sync, All Saints, Usher, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Destiny’s Child… I am the archetypal 90s pop baby.

What’s your guilty pleasure track?

I can’t really think of just one… I have a lot of (what other people would call) guilty pleasure tracks, but for me they’re just pleasure tracks ha. Nelly and Kelly Rowland – Dilemma?

What’s the last album you listened to all the way through?

Halsey – hopeless fountain kingdom (I LOVE HER)

What’s been your career highlight/proudest moment?

It’s all been a highlight! Every single I’ve put out has given me different proudest moments. Finding out that my first ever single (Looking At You) had got over 100K Spotify streams in its first 24 hours was a pretty pinch-me moment though. That’s when I was like, shit this is really happening. It’s also cool walking into high street shops and hearing my tunes playing out!

Who’s the coolest person you’ve worked with so far?

I’ve worked with so many cool people. No two singles I’ve released have been produced by the same person and I’m just enjoying getting to write with so many different people at the moment. I just did a session with Hannie (Hannah and Annie – two really talented musicians) and that was so much fun, cos it was just us three girls, no boys for once! Not that boys aren’t great, but working in a female-only room in this bizniz is a real rarity.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

J HUS, Glass Animals, Banks, Calvin Harris new album, Wild Thoughts over and over and over…

What advice do you have for aspiring artists trying to break into the industry?

Be bold! You have to know what you want and be willing to work very hard to get it. Meet people, put yourself out there, take opportunities, and make sure you’re having fun otherwise what’s the point!

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it?

OH MY GOD DON’T DO THIS TO ME. Urmmmm, I think probably Christina Aguilera – Stripped!! Or a compilation of all my fav Riri songs. Or Michael Jackson songs.



What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

 trying to take over the world, one pop song at a time haha.

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