Missguided Discovered: Ellie Prohan

Find out more about Ellie ahead of her KISS Fest performance

Written by Liv Grady

March 25, 2021

Ellie Prohan kiss fest

We’ve teamed up with KISS to bring you a whole host of exclusive interviews with DJs ahead of KISS Fest on bank holiday weekend.

We chatted to Ellie Prohan, who serves up big Hip Hop and R&B tunes every Tuesday night on KISS Nights, as well as securing her slot for KISS Fest. Before Ellie established herself as one of London’s finest DJs, she also worked promoting her own club nights, focusing on giving equal opportunities to womxn in music and the LGBTQIA community.

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Listen to Ellie on Kiss Nights

From 11pm every Tuesday Night, Ellie brings you the ultimate R&B mix, playing classics and up-and-coming artists you need to know about.

Ellie Prohan Q+A

Fave ever night out?

One of my favourite nights out is Shabba Party! The event was in Brixton and honestly it wasn’t just that the music was sick, but the energy of the crowd was amazing. Everyone there was on good vibes and I just I knew I needed to find the promoter and throw a party with them myself! Fast forward to the following year we had the sickest socially distancedevent in place of a Notting Hill carnival at Pow Brixton. It was a smash!

What do you wear to feel confident when performing?

Me on the decks is basically more of a workout than me in the Gym. I’m quite high energy so wearing too many clothes is really not practical! Sometimes it can just be a sports bra and cycling shorts. Keep it simple. The music and my energy does the talking.

What aspect of live gigging have you missed the most in 2020?

The gift of making people feel good. Everyone’s got life crap going on, you don’t know what people are going through, but in that moment everybody is connecting through music and it’s just beautiful. All our problems just go away. You get a natural high from it.

“You don’t know what people are going through, but in that moment everybody is connecting through music and it’s just beautiful.”

Ellie Prohan

Most surreal career moment so far?

Never did I think two of my dreams would be happening simultaneously! To have a national radio show once a week with KISS and be on a Global radio station with Apple Music is the most surreal thing and I love every minute of it!

Dream artist collab and why?

Dream artist collab and why? JACK HARLOW!!! I just love him. He’s such a sick artist, he’s dropped banger after banger since he started releasing music. The way he goes on about how much fun has on tour taking his friends all over with him, gives me FOMO. I’d happily be his Tour DJ.

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