Missguided Discovered: Julie Bergan

This week we caught up with one of Norway’s biggest singer and songwriters, Julie Bergan. The 25-year-old songstress has just released a stripped back version of her dance tune Outline with UK house legends Crazy Cousinz. It is EVERYTHING we want for a Summer tune.

Julie has a huge total of 500 million Spotify streams across her back catalogue, and has reached number 1 twice in Norway and even hit a double-platinum debut album. We chatted to her about her new single, her favourite outfits to wear on stage and life in lockdown. Keep scrolling to read the full Q+A with Julie Bergan below.

Julie Bergan Interview

Hey Julie, thanks for chatting to us, how are you? 

I’m very good, thanks. Enjoying some days off in Denmark with my family!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a 25 year old singer-songwriter and dancer from a small town in Norway. I’m a very energetic and outgoing girl who loves challenges and a busy life! So everything that comes with being an artist, like traveling, meeting new people, facing a lot of new challenges, being on stage etc. is perfect for me. 

How has the reception been to Outline been?

Great! I fell in love with the song first time I heard it and I’m so happy so many listeners seem to have too! Also, I love that we got to do both a club and an acoustic version of the song. 

What was your favourite gig to date?

Oh, that is a hard question. So many great memories to choose from! Hm… I think I have to say Coachella with Alan Walker for the obvious reason it is Coachella and there were soooo many people there.

I couldn’t even see the end of people from the stage. But I also would like to add my first sold-out show ever. That was a milestone! And last years Opptur festival in Bodø, Norway. During the summer it never gets dark in the North of Norway and it is so difficult to go to bed. We had a great gig but also had so much fun to see all the other acts performing also. 

Which of your songs means the most to you and why?

You are asking me to choose one of my babies! It depends of what day you ask to be honest. It varies between Arigato for being the first #1 and break through song, U Got Me for being maybe one of my most personal songs and a new one that you will hear very soon because it is a about a friend of mine I really care for and one of her greatest moments in life so far. 

How has lockdown affected your creativity?

I’m very restless so at first I was super worried about how I was going to handle it but it went way better than expected. My schedule changed drastically from lots of shows, festivals and travelling, to be going in the studio and doing remote sessions, interviews etc. It took a few weeks to get into the right mindset but I’m super happy with what we have written during this period and I’m sooo much looking forward for people to hear it!

“My schedule changed drastically from lots of shows, festivals and travelling, to be going in the studio and doing remote sessions and interviews”

Julie Bergan on Lockdown
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What were your favourite albums as a teenager?

That’s a tough one! But I remember I listened a lot to Rihanna, Shakira and Beyoncé’s albums during my teenage years. I also fell in love with RNB and hip hop during that period, so it was a lot of Usher, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. Also, at 15 I was probably the biggest Justin Bieber fan ever. I remember I was sitting on YouTube for hours just looking for new artists and get inspired

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating music?

I love to dance, work out, just relax at home and just be able to hang out with my friends. I travel and work a lot so when I have some time off I try to take it all down a notch and focus on other things and have as much as an ordinary day I possibly can. 

What do you wear to feel most confident when performing?

I love experimenting with clothes and designs, and I’ve actually created a lot of my stage outfits together with a designer/friend from Norway. What I’m wearing on stage can be very different from tour to tour, but what’s key to me is that I have to feel cool and comfortable.

Something that I’ve used a lot is baggy pants, a crop top or sports bra and an oversized jacket. After I started wearing high heels on stage it’s actually hard not to. I feel way better in it (maybe cuz I’m quite short?). 

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What’s your proudest career moment so far?

#1 with Arigato and ‘Ignite’ on the charts in Norway. But just to see my music going beyond boarders from little Norway and people singing to it around the world is the best feeling ever. I couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that doing music is actually my job and for all the opportunities I get through my job. 

Quickfire questions with Julie Bergan:

Favourite comfort food: Sweet potato fries
Describe your style in 3 words: Cool, sporty and colourful.
What song do you listen to before a night out? Believe by Cher
Last show you binge watched? The Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix
Most used emoji: ❤️ 

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