Missguided Discovered: Ramengvrl

Find out about her new album, life in lockdown & more


Known for her punchy lyrics, flawless rapping and cool-girl fashion style, Ramengvrl is the no.1 person to have on your radar for 2021. Originally from Indonesia, she started her career four years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She is a key player in the ever-growing Asian rap scene, paving the way for hip hop artists behind her.

Over the last year she signed to Empire Records, was featured on the Need for Speed trailer and created her album, Can’t Speak English, which was released in November 2020.

We caught up with Ramengvrl to chat about the album, life in lockdown and more.


Ramengvrl Q+A

Hey Ramengvrl, how are you today?

I’m good! Kinda done with this pandemic, but pretty good

How have you been keeping yourself busy during the pandemic?

Playing games, trying to write some stuff when I’m in the mood, and of course, preparing for the album release.

Congrats on your album. How was the reaction to Can’t Speak English?

Thanks! Really good so far! I mean I gotta admit there’s no bad songs in the album (lol) but apparently a lot of people think so too, they even like the last track which was meant to just be a funny little skit. Seeing that the album is the work that’s really about me and my journey so far, and that people f*ck with it, really makes me happy.

“Seeing an album that’s really about me and my journey so far, and that people f*ck with it, really makes me happy.”

Photo of Ramengvrl for Can't Speak English press release

What’s your favourite ever night out as an artist or attendee?

That one night in Tokyo during the CA$HMERE shooting. We’re all done for the day and apparently the promotor for WWW Club Shibuya wanted me to play in one of the clubs (there’s a lot of rooms) so me and the whole gang (director, even the models) went there and I played like 3-4 songs. It was super random but it was fun, like the crowd, even though nobody knew me at that time they were still into it and the energy was pretty fire.

You’ve worked with some AMAZING talent over the years, who else would you like to check off the list?

There’s a couple more down the road next year for sure (still confidential!), but I’d love to have Jay Park, Jessi, Rina Sawayama, Bree Runway on my track one day.

Most surreal career moment so far?

My song was on Need For Speed: Heat trailer. I don’t really play NFS like that but as a gamer, it was pretty surreal. Also I played a full set in 2018’s We The Fest and it was packed, like PACKED. In a country where the people are pretty conservative and only about 1% listen to hip hop, getting a crowd like that? Brooo.

“In a country where the people are pretty conservative and only about 1% listen to hip hop, getting a crowd like that? Brooo.”


What were your favourite albums as a teenager?

Avril Lavigne – Let Go, Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday, Blink-182 – Blink-182, Utada Hikaru – Ultra Blue, L’Arc~En~Ciel – Smile.

Do you have a musical family? How did they support your career?

Not really. Yeah some of them sing and play the instruments, but they would mostly use that to play at church or in service, which is cool too. Both of my parents are pretty conservative, they actually asked me 1000x if I was sure that this is what I really wanna do and that I’m gonna miss out on the stable monthly paycheck and insurance perks (coz at that time I was about to resign from my 9-to-5 job). But now that I’m here, they’ve been nothing but super supportive, to the point that it can be kinda annoying haha, like they would tell everyone about what I do or who I’ve worked with, but I’m grateful that they’re very supportive about it.

RAMENGVRL press shot

Can you recommend some up and coming Asian Hip Hop artists that our readers should be putting on their radar?

I love Elle Teresa, Yunhway, Bryn, Justhis, Yung Raja among others. For now I’ve been bumping Bryn – Veteran every single time.

Quickfire Questions with Ramengvrl 🔥

What drink do you order at the bar?

Gin and tonic. Basiiiiiic.

Most worn item of clothing RN?

Nike x Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” Air

No.1 comfort food?

Chicken wings and green tea Kit Kat

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