Missguided Discovered: Raphi

We caught up with talented singer-songwriter Raphi to celebrate the release of her EP, I Cry Sometimes (Isolation Tapes). The up-and-coming artist has really made the most of lockdown, creating new tunes, producing music and even shooting a music video for her new song, When We Gonna, with the help of her family.

We chatted to Raphi about her creativity during lockdown, her new music releases and loads more. Make sure you check her out on Spotify and keep scrolling for the full interview.

Raphi Q+A

Hey Raphi, how are you doing during lockdown?

Surprisingly a lot better than I thought I’d be. But I’m generally a home bod anyway, so i’m using this time to do things I never could before and making sure I take a nice daily walk to clear my mind too. 

Congratulations on your new single When We Gonna. You shot the video with your family during quarantine, how did you find it?!

Thank you!! It was super fun, we took out my old handheld camera and also our phones and we shot random scenes walking around and having fun. None of my family are familiar with videography or the creative arts which is what made it super fun and raw. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to shoot it with them as it makes it more personal and I want people to see what I’m like at home. We found so many hidden spots, I’ve never seen in my area before, which made it more of an explorer video too.

How has lockdown affected your creative process?

It has in a few ways actually. At the end of last year I released my first self-produced song “unleashed” and I was saying how much I wanted to dive into production more. Unleashed came from a dark place I was in, but the light was the unexpected love it had once I released it and is now one of my biggest songs to date!

This made me want to use this time to develop some other ideas I had and really get stuck in, now that time is endless I thought what better opportunity and this is where the EP stemmed from? The meaning behind the title is I cry “sometimes” and that word sometimes means so much more. As we are all human therefore crying is ok but there’s so many happy times in life too and we also have happy tears. Its a bit of both and letting out emotions is what made me feel better so I hope this helps motivate people like it helped me

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating music?

I have a new found love for TikTok! Im totally obsessed. The dances are definitely a challenge for me (I cant keep up sometimes) but It definitely kills time and I have so much fun.

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Which of your songs means the most to you and why

I’d have to say “I wonder” because I started this idea myself at home and its super personal about a working relationship that turned very manipulative and affected me deeply. However, I love how it can be interpreted in many ways. So I felt good after not only writing it and letting my emotions out but also having it as my second co-produced song, It just clicked with me in different way. 

What’s your proudest career moment so far?

100% has to be when I played Hyde park supporting Robbie Williams on my birthday. I don’t think any birthday can top that for me. 

What were your favourite teenage albums?

Gwen Stefani – Love. Angel. Music. Baby, Alicia keys – Element of Freedom,  JLo – On the 6.

 I literally played these 3 albums consecutively for like 6months. As each one played I use to pretend I was the artist and I’d dress up like them too. Now I look back I see how hilarious it was but I wouldn’t change it for the world!! I was quite theatrical as a teenager. 

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What do you wear to feel most confident when you perform?

Honestly I think I could wear anything as long as when I’m wearing it I feel fierce and comfortable enough to jump around stage without something ripping.  I generally go for a pattern or bright colour to make sure It pops with the lights.

When did you first realise that you could pursue music as a career?

When I was 15 I won a competition with Capital Radio and I got to star in my very own music video and also announce the video on stage at the O2. When I came off stage I turned to my parents and said I now know there’s nothing else for me in this world but being on stage, seeing people smile and cry with me. The feeling really was like no other and the next day I remember waking up feeling like I never want to stop living my dream.

“I turned to my parents and said ‘I now know there’s nothing else for me in this world but being on stage, seeing people smile and cry with me.’

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Who’s your dream musical collaboration & why?

There’s so many amazing artists out there that my list is actually endless. some may say i’m greedy sorry (palm face aha) but If I had to choose one right in this precise moment, I’d say Halsey. I think she is an absolute genius. 

Quickfire Questions with Raphi

What’s your go-to comfort food? Vietnamese – Pho restaurant to be specific 

What TV Show are you binge watching? Normal people. Obsessed 

What song do you have on repeat? Lonely Star – Oh Wonder 

What’s your most used emoji? 🔥

What drink do you order at the bar? Amaretto sour  

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