Missguided Discovered: Tyrer

We caught up with singer and fashion stylist Tyrer, following the release of her latest EP called ‘This Is’. Originally from Manchester, but now based in London, Tyrer spends her days working as a freelance stylist and her evenings gigging, writing songs and recording.

We chatted to her about her upcoming projects, recent musical releases and her career as a stylist. Read the full interview below.

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Hey Tyrer, how are you? What have you been up to today?

Hi, I’m good thank you! Today I am catching up on emails and planning for something exciting coming up in the next couple of weeks! 

When did you first realise that you actually wanted to pursue music as a career?

This was a couple of years ago when I was doing music as a hobby and put out a song on Soundcloud. It started getting a lot of attention and it just grew from there. I think at that point I got addicted to the process of creating and writing songs with like-minded people. 

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How do you find the balance between your music and fashion career?

I think that it’s important for every artist to do the things they love/are good at! I find creative people often do overlap into different creative fields, which is quite cool. Psychologically, I think it also has a positive effect as I think sometimes it’s important to have some time and space away from music in order to grow. And just being independent, standing on your own two feet does make you a more confident person.

I feel like it’s not really discussed in the industry, but up-and-coming artists often go through financial difficulty and there’s pressure to commit time to your music career in the beginning – but you also need to make rent. The work ethic and pressure should be acknowledged and understood by the industry more.

“I feel like the work ethic and pressure should be acknowledged and understood by the industry more.”


I’ve been in situations in the past where I’ve worried about how I’m going to make rent, yet spent more money travelling to a gig than I was paid for it. But it’s okay because it is a part of the journey, a lot of musicians can relate to that and you just have to push through those times. I am quite lucky because I feel there are complementary skills in fashion and in music and overall my balance is great, I’m fortunate to be able to make it work. 

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Who did you listen to growing up?

A lot of soul; Lauryn Hill, Eryka Badu, Amy Winehouse, Fleetwood Mac, Justin Timberlake and many more!

What does a day off look like for you?

I have no days off! My perfect day off would be making music all day at my own pace – maybe with the occasional episode on Netflix. 

 Who’s your dream artist to work with?

Kaytranda!! Frank Ocean, Timbaland, Marbiou State

What do you wear to feel most confident on stage?

High waisted flares and some chunky boots are always a good go to! Also love my dresses and jumpsuits!

What are you most looking forward to about 2020?

 I’m travelling quite a lot, performing, writing and releasing! 

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Quickfire Questions with Tyrer 🔥

What’s the ultimate breakfast food? 🥑

Nutella Pancakes!

What drink do you order at the bar? 🍸

Moscow Mule – vodka, ginger beer with a squeeze of lime! Mmm so tasty!!

What are you watching on Netflix at the minute? 🍿

Sex Education

What song do you have on repeat? 🎧

Oh I have few! Deeper Dark and Make Me Cry by Pip Millet, loving Kaytranda’s new album, and always listening to Maribou State! (All songs)

What three items of clothing can’t you live without? 🛍️

An oversized hoodie, Chunky boots and a good pair of jeans!

You can check out Tyrer’s newest track Helpless below…

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