Missguided Discovered: WESLEE

The R&B duo WESLEE consists of vocalist Emma DD and producer Josh Grant. We caught up with the pair following the release of their new single Venus, to chat all things music, food and fashion.

In 2017, their debut single ‘Gassed was named BBC’s Hottest Track, just 24 hours after it was released. Despite living at the opposite side of the world to each other, the duo have been writing and creating eclectic music ever since.

Emma hails from London but currently lives in LA and Josh is from Kansas and currently lives in London, but somehow the pair manage to make it work! We found out a little bit more about the mysterious world of Welsee.

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Weslee sat down

What’s the origin story of WESLEE?

We met in New York almost 6 years ago now. We met making music with and for other people, WESLEE happened by accident. We’d cancelled a session one day and just wrote our own song with no intention. We just wanted to make something without the pressure for it having to be “something”. We made our debut single Gassed that day.

How would you describe your sound in your own words?

I guess we sound like whatever mood we were in on the day we wrote the song, in a way our sound is like a day in the life of us.

Were you both always into music?

We have both been around music in some capacity for our entire lives. Both of Emma’s parents are in music, thats actually how they met.

Josh and Emma with red balloons

What’s the most exciting moment in your career so far?

I think the moment that still stands out was hearing Gassed on the radio for the first time.

Who did you both listen to growing up?

Josh: Too many people, it’s really hard to name just a couple, I’ve recently gotten back into Beck’s Sea Change and Elliot Smiths “From A Basement on a Hill” 

Emma: Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks were my shit, deffo had both of those as my ringtone at one point.

Weslee yellow suits

Can you both tell us about your favourite ever night out?

Josh: I’m afraid I can’t really in case my mom ever reads this!

What do you both like to do in your downtime?

Food and bowling.

Who’s your dream artist to work with? 

Josh: Prince
Emma: Lauryn Hill

Weslee blue frame

What’s on the agenda for next year? 

We have one more song coming out in December. Then we hope to continue putting out songs and videos on a regular basis, and release some sort of body of work/project next spring. Then see what happens from there!

Quickfire Questions with WESLEE 🔥

What’s your number 1 comfort food?

Josh – Carbonara (like real carbonara, no cream)
Emma – Spaghetti Bolognese

What song do you have on repeat at the minute?

Josh – Kanye West – Use This Gospel
Emma – Brockhampton – Sugar

What’s the one film you can watch over and over without getting bored of it?

Josh – I’ve probably seen Wedding Crashers or Step Brothers more than any other movie in my life (disgusting amount of times)

Emma – I’m a nostalgia mama so I love rewatching old shit but recently I’ve had a craving to watch “White Chicks” or “The First Wives Club”

What items of clothing can you not live without?

Josh – Hoodie (that’s about it)
Emma – Anything baggy and/or oversized

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