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17 Jul, 2016

If you’re hyped for a holiday in Ibiza and looking for a playlist to get you in the mood, then Mambo Brothers’ playlists should be on your hit list.  They’ve got a summer full of confirmed calendar dates at all your favourite clubs, and their tunes are becoming the soundtrack to our summer.

We caught up with them to chat favourite gigs, future collaborations and secret addictions…

 mambo brothers interview

interview mambo brothers

What’s the best gig you have ever played? 

Playing in Brasil for thousands of people was quite impressive…

What’s on the agenda for 2016?

We have our summer schedule pretty much finalised and again this year we will be playing for the big ibiza clubs including Pacha, Ushuaia, Space and Sankeys. We are playing for a couple of the hottest parties in ibiza right now, El Row and ABODE which is also one of the hottest parties in London at the moment so we really can’t wait! We are also doing our residency in Pacha Barcelona every two months, Malta in July and there´ll be a few others too

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

Armand Van Helden because he is our all time favourite producer!

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met so far?

We meet lots of cool people living in in Ibiza but last year we got to play with Giorgio Moroder and he was drinking straight vodka out of a plastic water bottle!

What a real rock star!

What’s your secret addiction?

We are Colombian coffee lovers…

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

When we are chilling we love to listen to those old ‘new age’ classics like Tangerine Dream or Art of Noise

What has been your favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Australia… we love the vibe! It’s a great mixture of beach life, healthy active lifestyle and a nightlife! We also love the wild there, it´s incredible!

What items do you make sure you pack on your travels? 

Our Camara. We are amateur photographers. And some good Spanish Jam!

Which city has the best fashion?

We love the beach style in Rio, the bikini fashion is the best! : )

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