Conscious clubbing with Krystal Roxx

Meet Krystal Roxx, she is a DJ, producer, entrepreneur and an advocate for women in the music industry.

Kyrstal’s SUPERFOXX residency at Ibiza Rocks saw her play with amazing female artists including Stefflon Don, Anne-Marie and Kelis.

In 2014 she founded Superfoxx, an all-female collective of musicians, wellness coaches and fitness gurus. They host unique club events, combining exercise and partying. You can find them in Ibiza, VIP club events and festivals worldwide.

Profits from Superfoxx events are re-invested and used to host workshops in schools across the UK. They organise mentoring sessions with inspirational women from a range of different industries & sectors.

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Keep reading for the full interview below. Find out about conscious clubbing, Krystal’s favourite tunes right now and SUPERFOXX academy.

How do your club events differ from ‘normal’ club nights?

They differ because we always have specific elements. We always start the show with fitness, yoga, HIIT, boxing or twerking. Anything with a DJ set and an instructor that feels energetic and fun and is also like a workout. Also the most obvious difference is that it’s only female talent. Of course anyone is welcome to come to the party but it’s only girls on stage.

“Anyone is welcome to come to the party but it’s only girls on stage.”

What exactly is ‘conscious clubbing’?

Conscious clubbing still has music at the the forefront but the difference is that it doesn’t rely on alcohol or traditional night time culture. Conscious clubbing is all about creating that dance floor environment in whatever space you’re in, whatever time of the day, so you can tap into feeling really good through music consciously. You’re super conscious. Alcohol and drugs make you unconscious and they detach you from yourself. Whereas music can make you connect deeper to how you can feel.

Who are your club nights for?

It’s for everyone! It’s for anyone who likes to feel good with music. Anyone who loves music. It’s for people who want to be uplifted and feel energised and who want to experience something fresh and new. It’s all women that curate it. The vibe might be different per show. It could be afrobeats, it could be house, it could be dance. Mostly it’s dance music because we wanna move. In fact it’s always dance music. It’s accessible for everybody it’s just that women get paid on stage.

What’s your favourite moment from your career so far?

There’s so many, I’m so lucky! Bless me, gosh. The Ibiza Rocks stuff this year was suck a big dream for me because I had always wanted to host the party there. That was a career highlight because we were able to put on more women than anyone has ever put on in a live environment. That might be a bit bold but I can’t think of another party that has put on 36 women and paid them all and given them free trainers in Ibiza. So I was well proud and we got an opportunity to put graduate DJs on the same line-up as Kelis and Sefflon Don.

Another personal highlight would be hearing my record on the Love Island advert. That was pretty cool. It was crazy. I haven’t had my number one smash, but it’s a nice feeling when you hear something that you worked really on being played on the TV and people are Shazam-ing it and stuff, it’s really nice.

Can you tell us a bit about sober raving? Is it for everyone to enjoy?

Oh 100% yes. I would argue that sober raving is better than not sober raving. Because you’re conscious, you start really consciously feeling the music. Can you imagine remembering your whole night out?! It’s like wow. You get even more stimulated and your mind expands, quite literally.

I’ve played a lot of the big morning glory shows with Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, Basement Jacks and people like that. All of those major artists said to me that that was one of their favourite experiences because people were conscious. From an artist’s perspective, to play to a room with a couple of thousand people who are really listening and feel energised and free, that’s so special.

You’re not getting that vibe where you look around and someone’s just mashed, you’re getting the vibe where people are saying “Oh my God this is amazing!” It’s a deeper shared experience.

“From an artist’s perspective, to play to a room with a couple of thousand people who are really listening and feel energised and free, that’s so special.”

Tell us a bit about the Superfoxx DJ academy, what is your long-term goal for this project?

The long term goal is to continue to teach women in music and to give those women a monetised platform within the music industry. The girls that come through have access to any hardware that they wanna practice with and to any kind of genre of music that they want to play out. So it’s a safe experiential space.

We never turn any boys away but all the girls feel confident enough to try anything and then there’s a route to market, so we can get them a job. That’s the long term goal. We find a lot of talent as well through the radio show, a guest mix from around the world every week and we can give those girls jobs as well. So the radio and the academy are ecosystems to find and monetise new female talent.

What are your top 3 tunes right now?

  • I really like ‘work it’, the Maria Davidson soul wax remix.. She knows how hard we’re all working because she’s a woman in the industry.
  • I really like the new Hannah Wants record as well. ‘Call Me’ Meduza
  • Becky Hill, Goodboys ‘Lose Control’.

Where can readers find out about your upcoming events?

Head to Or on Instagram @wearesuperfoxx.

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