Missguided Discovered: Amy Shark

New releases, working with Ed Sheeran and appearances on some of the world’s biggest talk shows

Written by Liv Grady

March 15, 2021

Amy shark Q+A

We caught up with Australian singer and songwriter Amy Shark, ahead of her new single ‘Baby Steps’ out 19th March. If you don’t know Amy Shark already, it’s time to get to know. Amy is one of the biggest musicians in Australia RN and was nominated for 3 ARIA awards in 2020.

Amy first started releasing music in 2016 and her breakthrough 5 x Platinum single ‘Adore’ put her firmly on the map as one of Australia’s most successful emerging songwriters. Since then she has toured globally, hitting major festivals and sell-out crowds worldwide.

Now that the world is opening up again and concerts are a reality, we chatted to Amy about her latest album, songwriting experiences and more.

Amy shark performing
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Q+A with Amy shark

Hey Amy! How are you doing?

I’m great, I get to play a gig this weekend in Queensland which I am so excited about, it’s been so long!

You were in the studio with Ed Sheeran before Christmas, what was it like working with him?

He’s the most professional, influential and motivating person I have ever written with. His work ethic is incredible. He works fast and he’s accurate and he’s so kind and caring. I absolutely loved the experience and learnt so much from him.

“I absolutely loved the experience and learnt so much from him.”

Amy Shark on working with Ed Sheeran

It’s safe to say we all struggle with self-doubt sometimes. How did you know that your album was finished and perfect?

I love the album, from start to finish, and I guess you just know when it’s time to hand it to the fans

Amy shark

You’ve completed some major US tv shows like The Late Late show and Tonight Show. How do you settle nerves for such big performances?

I don’t really ever feel nervous, I’m confident in what I do and just try to enjoy it.

“I’m confident in what I do and just try to enjoy it.”

Amy Shark

What was your ‘pinch me’ career moment?

The first time I heard my song on a radio station in 2016, it was Triple J and I will never forget that moment.

Can you give our readers some advice on how to have a successful singing career?

Surround yourself with supportive, caring and friendly people. Let your talent breathe.

Quickfire Questions with Amy Shark

Fave meal?

Spaghetti Bolognaise

If we handed you a plane ticket to go anywhere RN, where would you go?


Fave cocktail?

Pina Colada

Go to lockdown activity?

Crime Podcasts

What’s a song you are currently obsessed with?

Love Songs Ain’t For Us, by Amy Shark

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