Missguided Discovered: Anabel Englund

Debut album, life and career advice

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We caught up with Anabel Englund to talk about her lockdown experience, her best career moments, her new singles and newly released debut album ‘Messing With Magic’ featuring MK, Jamie Jones and Lee Floss to name a few. So many girls dream about becoming a successful singer. So, we thought upcoming singer, Anabel Englund could give some career advice on how to have a successful singing career. Keep scrolling to learn more.

This LA-based songstress gained widespread acclaim when she linked up with Jamie Jones and Lee Floss to form Hot Natured. Everyone knows the song ‘Reverse Skydiving’, give thanks to Anabel for singing that banger. Its safe to say our girl is a force to be reckoned with and is one to watch. Make sure you give her debut album ‘Messing With Magic’ a listen here and check out her insta here.

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Anabel Englund Q+A

Hey Anabel, how are you today?

Hii babes!! I’m doing well its a beautiful, chilly winter day in LA. The clouds are really big & billowy.

How have you been keeping yourself busy during the pandemic?

I’ve been doing tons of writing sessions on zoom which is crazy, getting ready for single releases which entails taking the photos, getting the artwork done, thinking of music video concepts… keeping in touch with my close friends & family, watching Law & Order SVU, journaling, meditating, taking long hot showers.

Congrats on your debut album Messing With Magic. What track are you most excited for people to hear?

Thank you! I am really excited for people to hear Burn it, it’s really personal to me and not like any of the other songs on the album, this is a taste of more music to come from me.

You’ve collaborated with some amazing people, who else would be on your list of dream artists to work with?

SZA, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Black Coffee, ROSALÍA, Max Martin.

This year, when I got my FIRST EVER BILLBOARD #1 for my song Picture US (on Messing With Magic) definitely a huge deal for me & another goal for the future.

What has been your favourite ever night out (this can be as an artist or an attendee!)

Last year at Madonna’s Madame X concert. I went with my best friend. We were right up in front & it was in an intimate theatre. Madonna made it so no one could have their phones or iPads so it was fucking amazzzzzing not having everyone’s screens up trying to record. It was a dream to just be in the present with her & my bestie & everyone else in the theatre. We sang, we danced, we cried. I wish I could experience it again.

Have you managed to do any live performances in 2020? How have they differed?

I haven’t actually. I’ve done a lot of live streams which are cool but nothing like performing live. I’ve been asked to do a few in-person things but I don’t feel like its appropriate.

What have you missed most about being on tour?

Seeing new fans from all over the world, meeting new people, eating different tasty food, breathing in different air.

What were your favourite albums as a teenager?

I was an indie kid so, Bon Iver: Bon Iver & For Emma Forever Ago, Feist: Let It Die, Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes, Madonna: Bedtime stories, Confessions On A Dance Floor, Nirvana: Nevermind.

Quickfire questions 🔥

What drink do you order at the bar? Virgin Mojito

Most worn item of clothing RN? Black hoodie from Bloom & Plume (a local coffee shop that I’m OBSESSED with)

No.1 comfort food? OMG ramennnn I could eat ramen for days. 

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