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Jess Sigsworth Missguided

We caught up with Jess Sigsworth to talk about her experience in lockdown, her best career moments and being a big personality in women’s football. We wanted to give the girls who dream of becoming footballers a bit of advice on how to have a successful career, so Jess Sigsworth is your girl. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Jess Sigsworth is a striker for FA WSL club Manchester United and from 2018-2019, she netted 18 goals in 28 competitive appearances for United. The girl knows her stuff and that’s why she’s the perfect girl to give us all advice on how to excel in your dream career. Read the full interview with Jess Sigsworth below.

Jess Sigsworth Interview

Jess Sigsworth Q+A

How have you found this year?

This year has been very different. Half of our season last year was cancelled due to Covid and then we were put in a lockdown. We had to train at home from March-July so that was very different but everyone adapted so well. We did a lot of zoom calls with the team and staff and we were given training programmes to do so we all kept fit. Regardless of being put into a lockdown for them months We’ve started this season very well and it’s nice to be able to come in now and train and play as normal. We’ve got many protocols in place and we get Covid tested regularly so the environment is nice and safe. I’m looking forward to see what next year brings.

How long have you been playing professional football

I’ve been playing professional football since the age of 16 when I first signed for Doncaster belles.

“Women’s football has a longer standing history than men’s football. Training can be very tough and full on. I think maybe people who don’t know much about women’s football don’t think we train as much as we do. We can be in up to six days a week, doing up to 3 sessions a day. There is a lot of work that goes into every aspect of the game technically, tactically and strength wise”

How do you balance your career and personal life?

Sometimes it’s hard to balance football and my personal life but when we get weekends off it’s always nice to go home and see family and friends. When we get a big break in the summer it’s an important time for us to catch up with everyone we haven’t had the chance to during the season and that works for us.

When did you realise that you wanted to place football professionally?

It’s always been a dream of mine to play professional football but it really became a main aim of mine when I joined Doncaster belles at a young age. I just loved playing and that’s all I could see myself doing.

How do you prep yourself for a match?

I prep myself for a match by making sure I eat and sleep well the night before. I then have a little routine on game day which I always follow and that usually gets me in the zone ready to play.

“I think I push myself because I personally want to achieve all the goals I have set myself. Another main motivator is my family as they’ve all sacrificed so much for me to get where I am today and I can’t think of anything better than making them proud”

Jess Sigsworth Missguided Interview

Quickfire questions 🔥

Favourite takeaway? Chinese.

What’s your fave place in the world? Florida.

What’s your favourite movie? All the home alones (Honestly, same).

Got any hobbies? Walking and biking.

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