Missguided Discovered: JJ Rosa

Watch the exclusive video premier of JJ Rosa’s second single ‘Pandora’ right here on the BabeZine. We caught up with JJ to talk all things music, fashion and food.

She is a singer, songwriter and guitarist, taking her heavy riffs to festivals worldwide. She has opened for legendary acts including Stevie Wonder, Paloma Faith and De La Soul.

On her new single Pandora, JJ Rosa said: “Pandora is about the feeling of getting yourself in too deep that it’s just too late to turn back. It’s that feeling when you fall head over heels for someone, but realise there’s no undoing those emotions that you’ve allowed to come to the surface… It’s also about the realisation that you actually quite like a taste of something forbidden so don’t really want to go back anyway… Pandora represents ‘Pandora’s Box’ – that overriding emotion. I want to portray lyrically is that ultimately life’s too short, so if it feels good, go for it and don’t look back!”

Listen to Pandora here.

Watch the exclusive video reveal below:

Meet JJ Rosa

JJ grew up in Stockport just outside Manchester and moved to London seven years ago to pursue her music career.

When did you first start singing and playing music?

I started playing piano first, when I was about 7, I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was about 14. I also knew I wanted to do music forever Amen but didn’t have the confidence to plonk myself in the limelight until I left college at about 18, or until I knew I was good enough to be heard and seen to be honest!

How would you describe your own sound?

It’s a proper mixed bag of my influences growing up really (as is the case for most artists I guess…). I’ve always been a big fan of Hendrix and Prince, it’s what got me wanting to play electric guitar initially. I never started on acoustic, jumped straight to electric ’cause I was too impatient!

I’ve always been a fan of hiphop and hiphop meets rock (Beastie Boys/Rage/NERD/Run DMC etc) which is why I’m big on beefy big ass beats! But I was brought up listening to Motown and Soul so that had a massive influence on my melody writing. Not forgetting my love of the 80s too!

What’s the most exciting moment in your career so far

 Tricky one that but most recently I’d say it’s joining forces with Yamaha as they’re designing and making me my own guitar! Gold, gold and more gooooold!! 

Who did you listen to growing up? 

 It’s a similar answer to how I shaped my own sound really… Hendrix came about because of my dad’s vinyl collection, he was chucking a load out and I was like “waaaaait a tiny minute! Who the hell is this guy?!!”.

I’v never had a particular genre that I listened to, I would be listening to Lauryn Hill and 5 mins later playing The Offspring… I just love songs with passion, balls and depth no matter what the genre.  

I just love songs with passion, balls and depth no matter what the genre.  


What’s the best gig you have ever been to?

I played Isle of Wight a few years back and The Prodigy were headlining the main stage, they honestly blew my mind! Such a mega show! The Chilli Peppers are incredible live too… it’s a tricky one to answer because I’ve been to a few amazing shows in the past. 

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

Firstly Wine is usually involved, oh and divine food! Generally though I love shopping, going to the cinema and also doing yoga & meditation. 

Who’s your dream artist to work with? (Dead or alive)

In no specific order, dead it would have to be Prince, Hendrix, Whitney, Buddy Guy, BB King, Aretha, Freddie Mercury and Stevie Ray Vaughan (there’s defo more legends I’m missing out here!)

The alive artists are Yebba/ Eminem/ Calvin Harris/ Nile Rodgers/ Mark Ronson/ JP Cooper/ Gary Clarke Junior/ Rudimental/ Frank Ocean/ Jai Paul/ Labrinth – I didn’t realise I’d write quite as many as this as I started answering the question but the list is a bit endless actually!

What’s on the agenda for next year?

So excited that my new single Pandora is out there now, finally… Now it’s all hands on deck for the next single and EP that I’m dropping next Feb. I’m also keen on getting a decent festival season going, and hopefully a UK & European tour too!


  • What’s your number 1 comfort food?

Sweet potatoes fries everyday and all day… Or a vegan pizza from Purezza (Camden)- Every single person (vegan or absolutely not) needs to go and experience the epicness! You’ll honestly cry it’s so bloody tasty!

  • What song do you have on repeat at the minute? 

Home’ by Solomon Grey. I heard it in the series Power (I’m obsessed!) and it honestly gave me goosebumps all over the place, I can’t stop listening to it!!

  • What’s the one film you can watch over and over without getting bored of it?

Oh lord this is tricky… erm… Bridesmaids has to be up there! Also the classics like Pretty Woman or My Best Friend’s Wedding.

  • What three items of clothing can you not live without? 

Without doubt my all white Dr Martins boots, one of my big oversized vintage and non vintage blouses for sure and I absolutely can’t live without my gold jewellery, necklaces, rings and piercings. I feel totally naked without them.

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