Missguided Discovered: Kehli

We chatted all things music, lockdown and more.

Written by Liv Grady

January 22, 2021

KEHLI in front of building KEHLI in front of building

Kehli is on the rise, and there’s no stopping her. The Dublin-born vocalist drops her brand new single next month and we caught up with her to find out more.

The 19 year old has already recieved support from Radio 1 and Kiss FM, following the release of her single Hypnotized. She has also been featured on loads of Spotify’s top playlists including New Music Friday and UK Garage.

If you don’t already know, get to know. KEHLI has already made a name for herself and is known for her soulful, passionate and unique interpretation of contemporary pop music. In the run up to the release of her long awaited EP, we chatted to KEHLI to find out about her musical background, career highlights and more. Keep scrolling for the full interview.

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kelhi q+a

Hey KEHLI, how are you today?

Hey I’m good the sun is out for once so I’m a happy girl!

How have you been keeping yourself busy in lockdown?

I’ve been trying to keep up some sort of fitness routine. My football trainings are postponed at the moment and gyms are closed so I’m keeping my mind healthy by trying to keep active. Music wise, I’ve done a lot of projects remotely via Zoom and also FaceTime. I shot at entire music video for my song Hypnotized on my iPhone and zoom which was an adventure. Also done Facetime photoshoots and getting into tiktok so I’m happy I can still do music while in lockdown.

KEHLI with neon lights

I shot at entire music video for my song Hypnotized on my iPhone and zoom which was an adventure.


What was the moment when you realised that you could turn your love of music into a career?

I’ve been performing since I was a kid and just being on stage in front of a crowd was enough for me to know that this is what I want and I need to do. The closest thing to a moment of realisation was after I posted a cover of Jorja Smith’s “Let me down” on Instagram and seeing people react in the way they did made me think hard about giving it shot. To be able to pursue music for the rest of my life is the ultimate goal!

What’s your favourite ever night out as an artist or attendee?

I got the privilege to see the one and only Beyonce perform a few years ago and it was such an unforgettable night. The whole production was incredible and to see her perform in real life was one of the main reasons I want to pursue a career in music.

Who is the number one artist you would love to collab with and why?

I have way too many and they’re all so different but there’s one guy I’ve always wanted to work with and his name is Bazzi. If you don’t know who he is I would highly recommend letting your ears hear his voice, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve just had such a want to work with him for a while. His creative process is very intriguing.

Kehli wearing a crop top leaning against a wall

What were your top 3 albums growing up?

Top 3 albums I listened to growing up would have to be a mixture of my parent’s favourite music, combined with radio and me attending stage school from the age of 4. Firstly we have Adele 21, then the 1975 (deluxe) album which would be more reflective of my late teens growing up and last but least, Rihanna’s album “Loud”

What aspect of live gigging have you missed the most in 2020?

Getting to interact with people definitely!!! And getting to play with my band as well as hearing my music live ……especially live, I’ve just realised that I love seeing people reactions! I can’t wait to do it again, soon hopefully.

I’ve just realised that I love seeing people reactions to my music, I can’t wait to do it again, soon hopefully.

_KEHLi press shot in front of neon lights

Most surreal career moment so far?

To even get to record my own music has been insane but it has to be getting to record the music video for my song “Believe It” for sure! Getting to film it in London and have backing dancers was insane and then for people to love the finished product, was so surreal. One of my favourite moments was seeing the video for the first time.

Quickfire Questions with Kehli 🔥

Last TV show you binge watched?

Modern Family

Most worn item of clothing RN?

A vintage Fila jumper

No.1 comfort food?

Cinnamon swirls