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Morgan Munroe Interview Missguided

We caught up with Morgan Munroe to talk about her lockdown experience, her best career moments, and her upcoming EP. We know so many girls want to become singer-songwriters and musicians. So, we thought upcoming singer, Morgan Munroe could give some amazing advice on how to have a successful singing career. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

This badass Leicester RnB singer-songwriter utilizes jazzy tones in her songs. She recently released single “Mama Taught Me”, is an absolute banger – perfect for relaxing and switching off from the world. Our girl Morgan is one to watch.

Morgan Munroe Missguided Interview

Morgan Munroe Q+A

We are absolutely obsessed with your chilled soul/jazz voice. When do you think you found your signature style?

Ooo you know what I think I really came into my own style around the time I made ‘Mama Taught Me’ a couple of years ago now! That was the first song that I felt was 100% me and brought out my tone and my signature stamp to the max.

Mama Taught Me plays into your typical sound, do the other songs on your upcoming EP follow suit?

Definitely! They all have a running theme of my typical sound but they bring out different flavours/elements of my sound in each song.

This is gonna sound so cheesy, but the favourite thing my career has allowed me to do is to continue making music. I take that for granted sometimes. But without the support, and the things I’ve achieved thus far, I wouldn’t be able to keep creating and progressing, so for that, I’m grateful. 

We know you’re from Leicester. But if you could live absolutely anywhere, where would that be?

Ahhh I wanna live everywhere haha, I really wanna travel the world, but if I had to choose one place to live it would probably be Trinidad. Maybe I’m being biased cause I’m Trini, but I love it there, so beautiful, so calm.

What was your fave song growing up that inspired you?

Heard It All Before – Sunshine Anderson. This song is my forever favourite since I was a little kid and I couldn’t tell you why I just love it. I think it may have subliminally inspired me because the lyrics are a very boss lady, female empowerment type vibes and that’s the same vein I sit in with my songwriting.

How was it recording your new EP?

It was fun, I worked with a lot of new people and I learnt a lot along the way. Was an experience working with new people during lockdown, cause wed just have to communicate over the phone rather than being in the studio together, but I had the privilege of working with amazingly talented, like-minded people who made it so easy to work with.

Stay true to yourself, listen to your own instincts, find your individuality, home your craft, WORK HARD.  

Morgan Munroe Missguided Interview

Quickfire questions 🔥

Fave food? Roti (Trinidad & Tobago style)

Staple piece of clothing you can’t live without? My favourite jumpsuit!  

What do you do on a chilled Sunday? Sundays is housework day, Sunday dinner and Netflix and chill 

What did you do to help you get through lockdown? I did way too much to say in a quick fire round hahah! Lots of insta-lives, competitions, challenges, did a couple online uni courses, decorated the house, exercised, baked, made clothes, and did lots and lots of music… Anything to keep my mind active otherwise I would of gone insane!

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