Missguided Discovered: Sarah Story

Music, lockdown and her career as a DJ

Sarah Story

We caught up with DJ Sarah Story to talk about her experience in lockdown, her best career moments, and how she’s got to where she is today. We get a lot of questions asking how to become a DJ and specifically, how to become a Radio DJ. We got all the tea from Sarah, so keep on reading to find out more.

Sarah Story has performed DJ sets at Hideout, Lovebox, Isle Of White, SW4 and more, and in lockdown has conducted a weekly Instagram live called ‘How Are We All Doing Then?’ where she has a chat with key people from the electronic music industry. So its safe to say our girl has kept herself busy in lockdown.

Read the full interview with Sarah Story below.

Sarah Story Yellow Dress

Sarah Story Q+A

How did you get into an amazing radio career at the age of 16?

I was really lucky to get 2 days work experience at my local radio station (CFM) in Carlisle during my work experience week at school. I got on really well with the team and stayed in touch and from this started handing out flyers for them and doing any odd jobs they had for me. Eventually at 16 they offered me a job co-hosting a Saturday morning show.

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a radio presenter?

Hosting my radio show from Cafe Mambo in Ibiza was amazing! It was a dream of mine and it all felt a bit surreal. Obviously we went straight to Pacha to celebrate after the show!

I’ve always loved pop and dance music so my fave album collection ranged from Spice Girls (Spice), Jamiroquai (Travelling Without Moving), Rihanna (A Girl Like Me) to all of the Ministry of Sound & HedKandi complication CDs. My Mam loved Take That, Simply Red, and M People so that was played a lot in the car on the way to school.

How do you spend a day off?

I always have a lie in because I love my sleep. Then I would either go out for brunch with friends and go shopping or during lockdown I would cook something really nice and just chill on the sofa all day watching Ru Paul. That show has literally got me through 2020!

What’s the one thing you did to keep you sane in lock down?

Listen to lots of music! It’s the one thing that has kept us all sane. I spent a lot of time over lockdown 1.0 making music and taking part in DJ streams online so mixing and just dancing around my living room kept me positive. If you’re having a bad day just stick some house music on. I found listening to the Defected Radio show whilst on a run in the morning really set me up for the day mentally and physically.

Love your style! What are three items of clothing you can’t live without?

Aww thanks! I love my Nike Blazers, they are so comfy and you can dress them up or down. I was always scared of wearing pleather trousers and then one day I bought a pair, they fit perfect and it’s been a bit of an addiction of mine ever since. My bomber jacket is my baby. You can just throw it on and it makes an outfit look cool, also it’s proper warm!

Be authentic! What makes you stand out? What do you love? Really think about what it is you want to do. Which area of the industry are you passionate about and then try and learn as much as possible. Knowledge is power and building up those skills is so important. Also be resilient. The music and entrainment industry is tough and you’re not going to get every job you want, but you will get some. And be nice to everyone! You never know who you’re talking to and who you might work with in the future. Oh and stop doubting yourself! We’re all guilty of it, but remember you are good enough and you can do it!

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Quickfire questions 🔥

Fave go-to makeup look? Smokey eyes and a red lip. I’ve got every shade of red in my makeup bag and it’s always a winner. 

Favourite cocktail? Bloody Mary’s! And extra spicy! Some people can’t stand them but I absolutely love them. They are the perfect hangover cure and actually pretty good for you (or so I tell myself).

Any tv shows that you’re binging right now? I’m really late to the party on these shows (like YEAR’S) but I’m obsessed with Line of Duty. I can’t just watch one episode it’s so good! Also Gossip Girl. I live with 3 girls and they love it so I’m now hooked on that every night. 

Favourite holiday destination? Ibiza! It’s the best place in the world to party and chill. It’s such a beautiful island with some amazing clubs, beaches, and restaurants. I went for 2 weeks this summer and it was so nice to discover some hidden gems as I wasn’t as busy in the clubs. 

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