Missguided discovered: Wolfie

Find out about her new EP, life in lockdown and more.

Written by Liv Grady

January 14, 2021

Missguided discovered: Wolfie Missguided discovered: Wolfie

We chatted to Wolfie, following the release of her latest EP, All Souls, in December. If you don’t already know, get to know. Originally from Kent, the 28-year-old singer/songwriter has already established herself in the alternative R&B world, touring with The Internet and generating support from music powerhouses such as Annie Mac.

Wolfie’s new EP All Souls was put together in lockdown and very much taps into her healing spirit after an unprecedented year. Keep scrolling to read the full interview, find out more about her musical background and what’s on the horizon for 2021.

Wolfie wearing red jacket and lipstick
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Wolfie q+a

Hey Wolfie, thanks for chatting to us, how are you today?

Hey Missguided very well thanks huns, I am still in bed listening to the rain whilst cosied up sipping a peppermint tea, life literally couldn’t be better babes.

Congrats on the release of All Souls. How does it feel to have put it out into the world?

Like a release in every sense of the word! I had plans to drop another project earlier this year that was a bit more upbeat and ‘cheerful’, but let’s be honest – 2020 has been full of trials and tribulations. All Souls has allowed me to reflect on that and hopefully will connect and heal with others collectively that have felt the same way.

Spirituality is a big part of your life, how does this impact on your sound?

If the sound doesn’t resonate or make me feel like I’ve expressed whatever I’m expressing to the best of my abilities, it doesn’t get heard. I like to think this is my approach overall to life, if it doesn’t resonate I won’t be involved – if I don’t feel something at my core then it isn’t for me.

“If it doesn’t resonate I won’t be involved – if I don’t feel something at my core then it isn’t for me.”


Where does your passion for spirituality originate from?

My family I think, and my upbringing. My mum’s side of the family have always been very holistic and esoteric in their approach to life; my dad’s side on the other hand are the opposite. I feel like I sit in-between that juxtaposition. Growing up having a mum who could know where you are, what you’re getting into, who you’re dating – all of that just by pulling some tarot cards or asking her guides, which was very annoying. Now luckily it’s more of a blessing than a curse hahaha.

When you aren’t creating music, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to paint, read lots of books about human psyche and pretend I can cook. Also love me my city breaks and days of shutting the socials off and hiding in nature.

Wolfie wearing tracksuit with blue light
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What were your favourite albums growing up?

Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time Westwood – Heat (I was obsessed with his compilations) Ms Dynamite – A Little Deeper

Who would be your dream artist collaboration (dead or alive)?

Jazmine Sullivan

What’s on the horizon for you in 2021?

I’m working on a couple projects that I’m really excited about, one that’ll allow me to give back to others via music and some others that will allow all of my random thoughts, lyrics and dreams to be published for the world to see – God willing. Also I am always in the studio and currently, me and K1 (producer of All Souls), are cooking some tunes for the pending sunshine in 2021.

“I’m working on a couple projects that I’m really excited about, one that’ll allow me to give back to others via music”


Quickfire questions with wolfie 🔥

Number 1 comfort food

Quorn chicken nuggets, humous & Judes vegan ice cream.

What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Gulag – Morrisson ft M24

Most worn item of clothing RN?

To be honest right now my go to most days is a big jumper matched with some fluffy socks and a scrunchie in my hair. Lockdown has allowed me to be lazy, cosy and snuggly with my outfit choices.

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