Missguided Discovered: YENDRY

We chatted all things music, advice and more…

Written by Georgia Chappell

March 17, 2021

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We chatted to YEИDRY about all things music, career advice and life in lockdown. After all, she’s on the rise, and there’s no stopping her. This Caribbean/European vocalist is working on her debut album with collaborators we all love (no spoilers here).

YEИDRY has already received support from the popular Youtube channel COLORS, and has partnered with THE FADER to create a deeply intimate documentary to get to know her better which you can watch here.

If you don’t already know, it’s probs about time you get to know. YEИDRY has already made a name for herself and is known for her lush, powerful vocals. In the run-up to the release of her debut album, we chatted to YEИDRY to find out about her musical background, career highlights and more. Keep scrolling for the full interview.


Hey YEИDRY, how you doing?

I’m doing fine, thank you. I’m on a flight to LA while I reply to these questions…

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We’re obsessed with your sultry sound, how did you create your signature sound?

When I’m in the studio, I like to create in freedom and not have limits on genres or language. It all comes naturally when I’m listening to different sounds and I hear the ones I love. I like to be part of the production process and add elements like samples or percussion to the music.

I’m super excited about everything that’s going to come, but what I’m really looking for is performing live. I miss the energy we get from concerts and meeting people at festivals. I really hope all this will be gone soon. 

Congrats on your latest single ‘ Se Acabo’. Is the beautiful location of your music video special to you?

It is! We shot the video in the neighbourhood of Herrera in Santo Domingo, where I was born and my mum grew up. All my family still lives there. I’ve always appreciated the love I receive from that place and the sense of community, so that was my way to show it. The energy on set was amazing, everyone helped, my mum’s friends cooked for us and it was overall, emotional!

I used to sing for myself and later I realized that people around me loved listening to my voice. I guess there’s a moment when you decide you want to turn your art into a job but you still have to find the balance. For me, I was nineteen. It’s a process of growth and confidence. But two years ago I really felt like I had to go deeper and quit everything else I was doing to invest all my time on this. I’m happy I did it. 

We hear you’re currently working on your debut album. Are you exacted to collab with anyone in particular?

Yes, an album takes time, it’s a work in progress, to say the least. There are some artists I would love to collab with. Let’s see if it happens.

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What’s your proudest career highlight?

I think COLORS. I’ve always been a fan of the platform, that’s where I find the hottest artists in the game right now, so when they contacted me I was over the moon. And the way the show is structured is amazing cause the focus is on the voice. That performance really gave people the opportunity to know me better and get my vibe.

be open, but stick to what you really feel it’s right for yourself. This job, more than others, requires sacrifice, hard work and dedication… And stay focused on the music, sometimes business could get in the way, but always remember that the most important thing here is the music. 

Yendry stood long curly hair white car Missguided.


Latest show you’ve binged? I think it was Club2Club festival in Turin and I was blown away by the SlowThai concert! 

Fave item of clothing rn? Right now I’m in love with my SUNNEI sabot. I love sabots 

What’s your ultimate vacay? I’ve been dreaming about going to the islands for a long time. Just in the winter cause, I’m not made for cold weather! 

Top tier meal you could binge? I could eat an entire pot of Flan, a Dominican pudding dessert.