miss p babes of beat Missguided balloons

Missguided Discovered x The Beat London: Miss P

We chatted to cohost of the radio show, Xcuse Me Miss, to find out about broadcasting in lockdown, her fave albums & more.

02 Feb, 2021
KEHLI in front of building

Missguided Discovered: Kehli

We caught up with Dublin-born singer, 19-year old Kehli to find out more about her new single.

22 Jan, 2021
UPSAHL Biting jumper

Missguided discovered: UPSAHL

We caught up with singer songwriter UPSAHL to chat about the release of her new single. We spoke to her about songwriting in lockdown, clothing, her fave food & more.

15 Jan, 2021
Missguided discovered: Wolfie

Missguided discovered: Wolfie

We caught up with singer/songwriter Wolfie to chat about the release of her new EP, life in lockdown and more. Read the full interview now.

14 Jan, 2021
odalys Q+A

Missguided Discovered: Odalys

We chatted to star on the rise, DJ, producer, model and tastemaker Odalys about her ever-growing career

04 Jan, 2021

Missguided Discovered: Ramengvrl

Find out about her new album, life in lockdown & more

15 Dec, 2020
Anabel Englund Messing With Magic Sparkly Top High Heels Missguided

Missguided Discovered: Anabel Englund

We have chatted with Anabel Englund all about her new EP, best singing career moments and life in lockdown.

15 Dec, 2020
Molly Rainford Xmas playlist

Molly Rainford – The Ultimate Xmas Playlist

Celebrate Christmas with a big soundtrack, curated by Molly Rainford

12 Dec, 2020
Rachel Fox black and white portrait photo

Missguided discovered: Rachel Foxx

We chatted to Rachel following the release of her new EP, Fluorescent.

08 Dec, 2020
Sapphire Missguided

Missguided Discovered – Sapphire

We caught up with our girl Sapphire to talk all things lockdown, career advice and her new upcoming EP.

27 Nov, 2020
Kaory Missguided

Missguided Discovered: Kaory

We caught up with Kaory to talk about her new Christmas EP, life in lockdown and how to become a successful singer.

20 Nov, 2020
Morgan Munroe Interview Missguided

Missguided Discovered – Morgan Munroe

We caught up with Morgan Munroe to talk all things life, lockdown and advice on how to become a singer/songwriter

19 Nov, 2020