Missguided Discovered Ellie Prohan

Missguided Discovered with KISS Nights: Ellie Prohan

We caught up with DJ and activist Ellie Prohan to chat about her new slot on KISS Nights and more.

11 Dec, 2020
Sam devine KISS interview

Missguided Discovered with KISS Nights: Sam Divine

We caught up with legendary house DJ, Sam Divine to chat about her new Friday night slot on KISS

09 Dec, 2020
Rachel Fox black and white portrait photo

Missguided discovered: Rachel Foxx

We chatted to Rachel following the release of her new EP, Fluorescent.

08 Dec, 2020

Missguided Discovered with KISS Nights : Mollie Collins

We chatted to KISS FM host and Drum and Bass DJ Mollie Collins to find out more about her new music and life in lockdown

05 Dec, 2020
Girl on pink background with the message Kiss Missguided

KISS Nights with Missguided

We've teamed up with KISS for the ultimate night in. Tune into KISS Nights for a whole host of new DJs and tunes.

01 Dec, 2020
Sapphire Missguided

Missguided Discovered – Sapphire

We caught up with our girl Sapphire to talk all things lockdown, career advice and her new upcoming EP.

27 Nov, 2020
Kaory Missguided

Missguided Discovered: Kaory

We caught up with Kaory to talk about her new Christmas EP, life in lockdown and how to become a successful singer.

20 Nov, 2020
Morgan Munroe Interview Missguided

Missguided Discovered – Morgan Munroe

We caught up with Morgan Munroe to talk all things life, lockdown and advice on how to become a singer/songwriter

19 Nov, 2020
Jess Sigsworth Missguided

Missguided Discovered – Jess Sigsworth

We chatted all things football, life in lockdown and dream career advice with Jess Sigsworth.

16 Nov, 2020
Sarah Story

Missguided Discovered: Sarah Story

Catch up with Sarah Story about all things lockdown, career moments and how she became a DJ.

15 Nov, 2020
Chelcee grimes

Missguided Discovered: Chelcee Grimes

Music, football and life in lockdown

14 Oct, 2020
Abby jasmine

Missguided Discovered: Abby Jasmine

Catch up with Trap Mom and Vine sensation Abby Jasmine

25 Sep, 2020