The official Anti-Valentine's playlist

Valentine’s can be hard to avoid, especially if romance gives you the ick. We’ve rounded up some classic tunes and some you might not of heard before, to help you drown out the sickly sweet insta posts. Now it’s time to turn up the volume and listen to songs about breakups, single life and everything anti-valentine’s.

Anti-Valentine’s Songs

Tiesto- Blue

What signifies ‘Anti-Valentine’s’ better than a good old breakup track. You may know Tiesto from his song with Mabel ‘God Is A Dancer’, but he is so much more than than that. He has been dubbed as ‘The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag, and by listening to Blue, you can see why.

I’m Not the Only One- Sam Smith

This is a song to belt out when you’re driving or in the shower. Yeah cheating and infidelity is really sh*tty, but at least we got this absolute banger of a ballad as a result.

KOOLKID- Feelings

‘Feelings’ is KOOLKID’s latest song and it is catchy AF. The relatable lyrics talk about the sh*tty situation of falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship. Plus those dreamy vocals are just something else.

Go F*ck Yourself – Two Feet

This is the official soundtrack of ‘not knowing where you stand with someone’. The cool synth-y beat is layered with lyrics about sleeping together and then playing mind games the next day.

220 Kid – Don’t Need Love (with GRACEY)

220 Kid and Gracey have collaborated to bring us this empowering track. This is the ultimate tune for all those single girls living their best lives. The anti-love pop song is the perfect combination between 220 Kids dancefloor production and GRACEY’s fierce vocals. Plus it has lyrics like: “Don’t text to come over. We don’t talk when we’re sober”

IDGAF – Dua Lipa

Would this really be an anti-Valentine’s playlist without a bit of Dua Lipa? If anyone knows how to make songs about breakups, bootycalls and past relationship, it’s her.

Etta Bond x Raf Riley – Not Ur GF

This song has all the Anti-Valentine’s lyrics we’ve been wishing for. The tune puts women back in the driving seat and we👏are👏here👏for👏it. It’s all about a guy catching the feels, when all she wants is a casual hookup.

Tyrer- Helpless

Helpless by Tyrer is so relatable for anyone coming to the end of their relationship. Her velvety voice sings about frustrations and struggles with a partner- “why don’t you want to fix yourself, why have you given up?”

For more Anti-Valentine’s tunes, check out the full playlist on Spotify below.

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