10 Jewellery Pieces You Need For Winter 2020

The finishing touches that make the outfit

Missguided jewellery

Is your outfit basic, or did you not accessorise enough? Icing out your fit with jewellery can take it to the next level and stand even the simplest outfits out from the crowd. With winter 2020, comes massive oversized puffer coats, scarves, gloves and hot chocolates. So, it’s important to layer women’s accessories to accentuate your best assets this season.

Sometimes we just feel like rolling out of bed, chucking on some loungewear and getting out of the house as soon as possible to get our pumpkin spice latte fix. But if you take two extra minutes to layer jewellery like pendant necklaces, earrings and a bracelet. You’ve now got a killer outfit to take you from the bed to the essential shops and back.

Which jewellery is best for me?

Honestly, there are no rules. You do you when it comes to jewellery and accessories. But if you’re wondering what jewellery looks best with different skin tones, we’ve got you covered. Cool skin tones look amazing in light or white metals such as gold, platinum and silver. Warmer skin tones stand out in yellow, rose gold, copper and brass jewellery. If you have more of a neutral skin tone, you’ll look good in both white and yellow metals. Regardless, wear whatever you want!

Best jewellery for winter 2020

  1. Choker 

You can’t get any more luxe than a choker. Have all eyes on you and pair with a mini dress and high heels for a head-turning look, or wear with a shacket and denim jeans for an everyday vibe.

2. Rings

Love them or hate them, layered rings are everywhere right now and look amazing on the gram. Pair with an oversized hoodie and denim jeans for a laid back winter look.

3. Hair Accessories

From oversized hair clips to unique bobbles and scrunchies. Hair accessories look fab but are also great for those lip gloss on windy days moments. Pair with an oversized t-shirt and comfy leggings for working from home vibes.

4. Hoop earrings

There’s nothing like hoop earrings to make you feel like a baddie. You know what they say, the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hottie. These bad boys look amazing with anything, so don’t be afraid to over-accessorise.

5. Bracelets

Bracelets look fab for winter and pair perfectly with clustered rings. It’s so easy and inexpensive to achieve a layered look using bracelets. So what are you waiting for? Level up your fit today.

6. Simple necklaces

There’s something so elegant about a simple necklace paired with a v neck jumper for winter. So, if you’re after effortless accessories this winter, a simple necklace might just be your new hero.

7. Anklet

Now we know, anklets are typically for summer. But why not think on your feet and add an anklet around your sock boot for winter? Or better yet, you can always upscale your anklet to a bracelet for more options this winter.

8. Small Earrings

Small earrings look absolutely amazing this winter. We are loving the middle part bun look this season and small hoop earrings are practically made for this insta loving style. So, if you wanna be bang on trend this winter, pick up a selection of small earrings to layer and interchange.

9. Body chains

Body chains look will look amazing for Christmas dinner with the girls, pair with a mini dress if you want to go all out, or wear with denim jeans and a crop top if you’re feeling casual.

10. Pendant necklaces

Layered pendant necklaces are really popular right now for the winter season and can spice up any outfit. Feeling dull in your trench coat and joggers? Throw on a pendant necklace to instantly add interest to your fit for the colder months.

Whatever jewellery you’re searching for, Missguided has tonnes of accessories for every preference. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping to make your outfit a little more icy this winter.