5 empowering babes you 100% need to follow

Sick of seeing the same sh*t on your feed? (Aka people from school, those randomers you pre-drank with that one time). We feel you hun… Probs time for a refresh. Meet the 5 babes you 100% need to be following that are guaranteed to make you feel empowered AF. 

Abbie Bull

It’s 👏 about 👏 TIME 👏 For anyone who’s suffered with skin issues, you’ll know how important it is that people start to talk about it more to end the stigma… Enter Abbie Bull. Abbie is a makeup artist (and a sick one at that), but she’s also documenting her skin journey at the same time. Here’s to skin positivity! 

Peter DeVito

He’s only 21, but his photography skills are in-sane. Peter’s made it his mission to normalise stuff like acne, stretch marks, birth marks… and we’re 100% here for it.

Celeste Barber

Wanna know what a real person looks like doing rich people things? Then follow Celeste. Every day she’ll remind you what’s real, and to not compare yourself to photoshopped celebs (plus she’s f*cking hilarious)


She sings, raps and plays the flute. Follow her if you need a reminder on how to love yourself, and some new music. “I’ll continue to inspire people to look up to themselves. B*tch I look up to me. Period”. 

Gina Martin

The babe behind making ‘upskirt photos’ illegal. She’s managed to change the law with zero law experience. “t’s does not have to be ‘just the way it is’, and if you don’t like something, you can change it.”