5 Halloween costumes with a little black dress

Minimum effort, MAXIMUM impact

Halloween costumesHalloween costumes

This Halloween isn’t going to be like previous ones, so we totally get it if you want to make minimum effort this year. The reality is, that you will probably be drinking with your uni flatmates or joining a dreaded Halloween-themed Zoom. If that’s the case, then you won’t want to be spending a fortune on your costume. Take a look below for 5 halloween costumes that you can easily create with a little black dress.

Halloween costumes karen from mean girls

Halloween costumes using a LBD

  1. Witch
  2. Vampire
  3. Skeleton
  4. Fallen angel
  5. A dark bunny

The little black dress is the perfect base for your Halloween outfit, whatever you decide to dress up as. Everyone has one hanging in their wardrobe and it comes in handy at moments like this.

Whether you opt for a vinyl black dress, denim or jersey, all you need is a few accessories and you’re good to go.

Build a base

Find the ultimate LBD to help you plan your Halloween costumes.

1. Witch

You can’t get more quintessentially halloween than a witch. Team your little black dress with black and white striped tights or stockings and add the signature hat. It’s also an excuse to make a potion (or as it’s also known a really strong cocktail).

2. Vampire

Whether you’re team Salvatore or you’re more of a Cullen girl, a Vampire is always a cool way to do halloween. Keep it subtle, minimal and sexy. Add a pair of fangs, some dark lipstick and a little blood and you’re good to go.

3. Skeleton

This is where all those makeup tutorials you’ve been watching on Youtube finally come in handy. Using eyeshadow and liner, create a skull makeup look and team with accessories such as matching tights. Ps. if you don’t have a steady hand, we got you covered with stickers from Shrine.

4. Fallen Angel

Angel but make her a baddie. Add some luxe black feathers, face jewels and don’t be afraid to over accessorise. Nobody is gonna tell you to tone it down in hell.

5. Dark bunny

Yes we did mean bunny, but not the cute fluffy kind. Make it Ariana Grande, but even sexier. Pair your latex ears with a little black dress, a statement chain belt and killer over the knee boots.

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