It’s summer so we’re quitting life to become mermaids and these bikini babes are showing us how.

If you don’t know already, it’s National Bikini Day today and we’re celebrating the only way we know how; scrolling through our fave beach babes’ Insta accounts.  Sea here for the accounts you’re gonna wanna be following this summer…

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Australian blogger and Perth-based bikini babe Helen gives us a daily dose of bikini that we definitely need back in the rainy UK.  For photos that look like they’re straight from a travel brochure, sea-salt blonde hair and bikinis that are specially engineered to make you look incred, this is the girl you’ll want to hit follow on.

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Brooke Dombroski is another beach babe hot on the radar right now.  We’re basically obsessed with her Insta account; talk about #goals, and her no BS vibe makes us love her all the more. She’s racked up over 300k followers so we’re not the only ones who thinks she’s a total babe.

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This Hawaiian queen kills it with an account full of summer adventures and surfing stories.  We’ve got bets on her being a real life mermaid so if you want to scroll through photos of sun and sand, then Ha’s account is one you’re gonna wanna follow.

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We reckon this yoga, fitness and all-round beach beauty is definitely up and coming talent on the Instagram front and we’re already obsessed.  Based on the sunny coast of Mexico, there’s nothing we don’t love about this babe who has a badass get up and go mind-set that stops for no one.

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LA model and photographer Ella Mai Weisskamp is hella cool and damn, can she take a good photo.  No more so than when she’s in her swimwear.  If you wanna scroll endless selfies (all goals) and a perfect bikini bod, then get following Ella.

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