Autumn trends according to TikTok and Instagram

Stay one step ahead of the game

Written by Liv Grady

September 9, 2021

girl wearing deni, butterfly co ord

Searching for new season trends can be daunting. One publication will tell you one thing and your fave influencer will tell you another. We have scoured instagram and scrolled our For You pages to discover the autumn trends that are actually worth investing in. Discover bold prints, timeless pieces that you can rewear all season long.

We have taken tips from our fave celebrities and content creators to identify the prints and silhouettes they are championing for the colder months. Expect to see swirls, checks and more.

Autumn trends 2021

Checker board

Psychedelic prints are back in a big way and they don’t just stop at swirls. The classic 70s checkerboard print has also stated to make an appearance. Wear the style in classic black and white, or add some pops of colour into your wardrobe.

black checkerboard print racer neck bodysuit

Oversized shirts

Introducing your layering hero for autumn 2021, the oversized shirt. Invest in a good shirt and you will never look back. Wear it as a dress or throw it on over a crop top and jeans. If we could only convince you to buy one autumn trend for 2021, it would be this one.

sage co ord oversized pocket detail denim shirt

Butterfly print

Butterflies don’t just need to be for summer, we are on a mission to make them a year-rounder. This nostalgic y2k trend is a fave for celebs including Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid. You can work the butterfly print into your wardrobe in countless ways from graphic tees to delicate diamante necklaces.

light blue co ord wrath butterfly print jeans


We haven’t seen the last of swirls just yet. Instead of your summer tones of pink and lilac, try opting for something that will work all year round. Explore nude tones, bold blues and more.

blue swirl print racer tie front mesh mini dress

Zebra print

Animal print, always. If you are looking for an easy to style print, then Zebra is the one for you. The black and white design will complement EVERY colour you have in your wardrobe. Just add some, bright accessories to nail this autumn trend.

black co ord zebra print loungewear trousers