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Your outfit isn’t finished without the right accessories, so make sure you add some to your look. Jewellery not really your thing? Well, every girl needs a watch in her life… Mostly for showing how late you are for work every morning while you’re waiting in the queue at Starbucks… Here’s our brand new collection of watches for you to get in your life:

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Show you mean business with a classic chunky watch in bright gold with a dark face and chronograph design. Match the metal with the rest of your jewellery for a cohesive outfit. Perfect for your everyday watch to wear from the office to the bar.

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In need of some serious arm candy? There’s no such thing as too much sparkle, so go for a faux crystal encrusted watch to make a bold statement. Wear yours on your next big night out with the girls to add a bit of glow to your look.

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More of a classic gal? Vintage style watches with leather-look straps might be more your thing. You can wear these anywhere and with anything because they’re a timeless classic. But with time… Because they’re a watch… You know what we mean…

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