Trend alert: The return of the bandage dress

y2k fashion ins’t holding back

Written by Liv Grady

July 30, 2021

blake lively wearing a bandage dress

Yes, you heard us right. For better or for worst, the bandage dress is making a return. Throw it back to 2012, to the evenings you spent in stupidly high heels, completely orange makeup and nude lips. Finally the day has come to relive the trend, but this time we can actually make it work.

First the Juicy Tracksuits made a return, then it was the baguette bag and now the bodycon bandage dress is set to return. The once-popular style may not have made it onto your For You Page just yet, but trust us when we say it’s on its way. It’s time for the club-girl revival.

For the last year, comfort has been king. Catch us in anything other than joggers and a baggy tee and you would have been lucky, however we are going from one extreme to another. The figure hugging dresses have made appearances in fashion shows across the world and have been donned by celebs including Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa.

y2k style- A look back at the bandage dress style

Rihanna wearing a bandage dress
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blake lively bandage dress
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paris hilton wearing red bodycon dress
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blake lively wearing red bodycon
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