Best Jewellery for Diwali

Your ultimate guide to gold jewellery

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If you ever needed an excuse to buy yourself new jewellery, Diwali is the one. Discover statement gold jewellery, necklaces and earrings to help you look fire for the Festival of Light.

Whether you are on the hunt for a pair of decorative hoops, a multipack of glitzy bangles, or some subtle chains, we’ve got you covered.

When is Diwali celebrated in 2020?

The dates for Diwali change every year. In 2020, Diwali falls on Saturday November 14th. It runs for 5 days, with the most significant being the third (Saturday 14th November).

What to wear for Diwali?

Most women wear traditional Sareers for Deepavali celebrations, bright colours are encouraged. Don’t be afraid to accessorise with lots of vibrant costume jewellery.

Jewellery picks for Diwali parties

Dipawali may not look the same this year, you might not get the chance to celebrate the festival of light with loads of family and friends gathered together, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up and have an evening of food and dancing with your household or chosen bubble. Take a look at some of our favourite jewellery pieces to help you get into the party spirit.


If you want to feel at your best, then a pair of statement hoops or drop earrings are a MUST. Don’t be afraid to go bold.


Is it really Diwali, if you don’t have the distinctive jangle of loads of bracelets? Layer them on and stack them up, it’s not often you get the chance to make the most out of your whole jewellery drawer. Choose a multipack or curate your stack with three or four of your favourite styles.


Complete your look with a set of stacked gold rings. The ultimate way to show off your Mehndi. Choose from one of our many multipacks, or curate your own ring collection from some of our single pieces.