5 body positivity accounts you 100% need to follow

Influence your mindset in a positive way…

Written by Georgia Chappell

March 23, 2021

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Thanks to social media, we have constant access to airbrushed pictures of beautiful people all of the time. This can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Here at Missguided, body positivity is our number 1 priority.

So, we have rounded up some of the best accounts to improve your body positivity. Whether you are ready to ditch the negative accounts, or you just fancy a little self-care, we’ve got you covered.

What is body positivity?

Body positivity is SO important for everyone to have. It’s hard to attain thanks to the content available at our fingertips, but once you have it, life can change drastically for the better. No matter your shape and size, everyone is unique in their own way and that’s important to remember in a world where one body type at a time is celebrated.

our go-to accounts for body positivity

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Scrolling through your phone can often leave you feeling pretty empty. Staring at the same body type over and over again is bound to have you feeling down. However, please remember that a body type cannot be a trend – this is massively unhealthy and unattainable for everyone.

Instead, channel your screen time into accounts designed to benefit your mental health, that way your phone can be a godsend. Scrolling on your phone can often feel like it has the opposite effect of relaxation.

We have gone through Instagram and found our favourite accounts, guaranteed to improve your body positivity, mood and lifestyle.

What are the best accounts for body positivity?

  1. @bodyposipanda
  2. @scarrednotscared
  3. @kai_wes
  4. @stephanieyeboah
  5. @harnaamkaur


bodyposi panda body positivity

If you are in need of a body-positive uplift, check out @Bodyposipanda. Filled with inspirational quotes, unedited pics and interesting content. This creator will keep your feed filled with positivity.


scarrednotscared body positivity

If you love all things TikTok and Instagram, check out @Scarrednotscared. For funny and relatable content, scroll through her feed to find out about all things important issues, interesting content and find out more about her book ‘The joy of being selfish’.


kai_wes body positivity

Educate yourself on a trans/non-binary life with @Kai_Wes profile on Insta. For Q+A’s, interesting content and more, get following now.


Stephanieyeboah body positivity

Sometimes it can be hard to find outfit inspo for curvy girls. So, check out @Stephanieyeboah for all the spring outfit inspo you need. If you are sick of seeing only one body type on your feed, unfollow and get following creators that reflect who you are. We promise, your body positivity will shoot through the roof.


hannahkaur body positivity

Talking about her struggle with PCOS, @Harnaamkaur speaks openly about adjusting her life to make PCOS work for her. This included growing out her facial hair because honestly, who has time to keep up with plucking, shaving and waxing all the time. If you are struggling with PCOS and need someone to relate to, @Harnaamkaur is your gal.

There you have it, accounts to improve your body positivity 100%. Our bodies are not interchangeable trends. Without your body, you wouldn’t be alive. So stop punishing yourself when your body is working perfectly for you. Remember to love your body the way it loves you; It all you’ve got.