Cheap loungewear for studying at home

Throw out your old pyjamas…

Written by Georgia Chappell

January 14, 2021

Loungewear set pink and grey dual colours working from home Missguided

Its time to change out of the loungewear you’ve worn for 4 days in a row, girl. Need some inspo for studying from home? No problem. We have you covered with a whole new range of loungewear set styles. We have everything from co-ord sets, oversized hoodies, gym wear, oversized t-shirt dresses and more. Keep scrolling for some WFH outfit inspiration.

graphic t shirt grey sweatpants working from home loungewear Missguided
Playboy loungewear Missguided
Playboy missguided loungewear

Our faves loungewear for studying from home

Duvet days

If you are treating yourself to working from home in the comfort of your own bed, see it though in style? Just because you are relaxing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a show and change into new loungewear. Otherwise, it just doesn’t feel nice. Go for oversized t-shirts of super comfortable velvet co-ords to lounge in style.

Zoom meeting styles

Got a zoom meeting that you just HAVE to turn your camera on for? We’ve all been there. The key is to find something that looks put together but is still super comfortable to work from home in. Go for knitted jumpers and matching knitted leggings to impress on your next big meeting.

Lunch break home workout essentials

It’s proven that if you feel your best while working out, you progress better and faster. Working out is so important while working from home, as its essentially the only exercise we will get thanks to lockdown. Go from sports bras, gym leggings and long sleeve tops for a new look. Shop Zara x Missguided edit for all of her faves.

Classic WFH fits

If you are looking for casual loungewear for every day working from home styles, we have you covered with these fits below. If you want an outfit that’s comfy, cute and will help you get your work done in style, these outfits will do that for you.

Shop the loungewear looks

If you want even more styles, head over to Missguided. We have a range of loungewear and pyjama styles to suit any preference. If you want the latest trend predictions for 2021, click to find out more.