Bridesmaid mix and match styling 101

Do you know what’s cooler than one bridesmaid dress? Four. Or five. Or seven or eight if you’re seriously popular. Get your main gals looking fire for your big day by tearing up the rule book and going for a mix and match bridesmaid style. 

Mix-and-match dress lengths

If you’re a traditionalist with just a touch of rebel, dress your bridesmaids in matching dresses, but let them decide on their dress length to keep all your bridesbabes happy.

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Mix-and-match necklines

So your colour scheme is set in stone, and there’s no way you’re letting your bridesmaid dresses ruin it. But you’re not a total bridezilla, and you want your girls to feel as comfortable as possible in their dresses. Giving them a choice of necklines, fits, and lengths can be the perfect compromise.

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Mix-and-match everything

You want your wedding to be as extra as you, and you’re going for a full mix and match bridesmaid style. A good tip is to have an overall colour scheme, so the dresses will complement each other. Metallic accents can really tie the wedding together.

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