Easy tricks to tie dye your clothes at home

If you know anything about anything, you will be aware that the tie dye trend is making a huge comeback this summer. If you wanna have a go at home, it’s super easy and it’s something to keep you busy during lockdown.

If you are lazy and you just want tie dye clothing without the hassle, that’s fine too, there’s sh*tloads of tie dye loungewear, dresses and shirts available from Missguided.

What do you need to tie dye your clothes?

  1. Fabric dyes in any colour of your choice
  2. A white item of clothing (Cotton or denim works best for beginners)
  3. 250g of salt
  4. A measuring jug
  5. Plastic bottle
  6. Bucket
  7. Elastic bands (you can use different sizes depending on the pattern you want)
  8. Rubber gloves

White clothes to dye yourself

A beginners guide to tie dying your clothes

The tie dye patten you create is entirely down to where you place your rubber bands and how you fold your clothes. The bands and creases protect the fabric from making contact with the dye, leaving your clothes the original colour underneath. Our simple guide shows you how to create a traditional ‘scrunch’ tie dye pattern, but you can also create stripes, circles and swirls.

Scrunch tie dye pattern

Tie Dye your clothes at home, blue dress example
Pink tie dye dress

Step by step guide

  1. Wet the clothing and squeeze out any excess water, leaving it damp
  2. Scrunch your clothing into an oblong ball and bind it tightly with elastic or rubber bands
  3. Put on your rubber gloves and dissolve your clothing dye in 500ml of warm water in a mixing jug and add salt. Give this a good stir.
  4. Pour the dye mixture into a plastic bottle (this makes it easier to apply to the clothing more accurately)
  5. If you are using a few different colours, repeat this step until you have all your dyes prepared (Top tip, use varying pastel shades to create a candy pattern that’s on-trend this season).
  6. Place your clothes in a bucket and carefully pour your different colour dyes over them to create the desired effect.
  7. Leave this for at least one hour to ensure the dye has soaked all the way through the scrunched fabric
  8. Leaving the elastic bands in place, rinse the bundle under cold water until it starts to run clear
  9. Untie the bands and handwash in warm water
  10. Leave to dry, iron and then take hundreds of selfies so everyone knows how creative you are…

If you wanna get the tie dye look but you cba messing around with clothes dye and rubber bands, that okay girl, we got you. We will let you take all the credit and pretend you have done it yourself

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