Hangover loungewear for your first freshers night out

That maccies breakfast is gonna hit different…

Written by Liv Grady

August 12, 2021

hangover loungewear

If you are heading to uni this year, you are probably planning all your outfits for freshers plans and lectures, however what may not have entered your head just yet is Hangover Attire. When moving into halls it is easy to get swept up into the excitement of things and forget that you will now be sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living space with 6 strangers. Ditch that stained bed t-shirt from 3 years ago and opt for some comfy loungewear that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen out and about in.

It’s a given, after a big night out with your housemates, you’re probs gonna feel pretty bad the next day, but if there is one thing that can improve your mood, it’s a set of hangover loungewear. Cancel all your plans for the next day, order a Deliveroo with your pals and have a debrief of all the fun things that happened on your night out. Take a look at our top hangover loungewear picks.

Hangover loungewear looks

Even if your hangover feels terrible, at least your outfit doesn’t have to. Take a look at our fave comfy picks that are suitable for running to the shops for emergency snacks, hanging out with your housemates or just lying on the sofa.

Playboy loungewear

Even when you are hungover, you’ve gotta channel that y2k aesthetic with Playboy x Missguided. Opt for comfy oversized cycling shorts or sweats. Throw on a matching tee and nobody will ever know that you secretly feel like crap.

playboy x missguided cream repeat print t shirt and cycling shorts co ord set

Towelling loungewear

Self care in an outfit. Opt for a towelling tracksuit and feel the relaxation begin. One of this season’s favourite fabrics, they are surprisingly lightweight and suitable for all weather.

blue missguided resort towelling runner shorts

Velour tracksuits

Velour tracksuits are the hangover loungewear for the boujee gals. Channel a little 90s Paris Hilton or J-Lo with two piece matching tracksuits in all your fave colours.

plum velour zip through hooded jacket

Borg co ords

No matter what time of year it is, student houses manage to be the coldest place on earth. Keep yourself warm and snuggly with borg tracksuits. This is the most acceptable way to feel like you are wearing a blanket all day.

sage missguided borg sweatshirt and joggers co ord set

Student discount at Missguided

Oh, did you know we offered student discount? Whether you are investing in new loungewear, spring outfits for a day in the park or some wardrobe staples, we’ve got you covered. Find out all our latest discounts and shop New-In now.