How to measure your bra size – Ask the experts

Easy tips on choosing the right bra for you

Written by Liv Grady

January 20, 2021

how to find your bra size how to find your bra size

Choosing the right bra can be tricky, especially due to the fact that we can’t get measured during lockdown. We chatted to our in-house bra expert a.k.a Senior Product Technologist, Jemma Chadwick to find out how to choose the right style, size and fit.


What does a product technologist do and what makes Jemma our expert?

“A product technologists day to day role looks after taking the product from the designers 2D designs and inspiration to a 3D product.  Working with the factories to ensure the fit is correct, we receive a sample of the product and fit it on a live model (pre covid) to a set size and then make any changes needed.

“I have been a product technologist for +5 years, I am a trained lingerie and swimwear specialist. I wanted to focus on this area because I love how confident it can make women feel and how beautiful these pieces can be.  Lingerie is such an amazing craft, the complexity of some bras continue to amaze me and there is always new development and innovation driving the industry. “

Lingerie is such an amazing craft, the complexity of some bras continues to amaze me

Jemma – Senior Product Technologist

We’ve asked Jemma to help us get our head around common bra mistakes, easy ways to find the right fit and general advice.

What are the tell-tale signs that your bra doesn’t fit you properly? 

Signs are..

  • The underband is riding up at the back and sitting higher on your body at the back than it does at the front 
  • Your breasts not fully filling the cup and on the other hand your breast spilling out of the top of the cup, creating “double boob” 
  • Your breasts not fully dropping into the bottom of the cup, not necessarily that the bra doesn’t fit but that it might not be the right style for you or the wire could be too narrow 
  • Wires sitting on your breasts and not around them properly 

How should a bra feel/look when it fits you properly?

Bras should…

  • Feel secure and comfortable around the chest at the underband 
  • Straps should be comfortable on your shoulders, secure but without digging in 
  • Cup top edge should sit flush with your breasts 
  • Breast should drop to the bottom of the cup nicely 
  • Wires should encompass the breast and not sit on the breast 
  • The bra should be mainly supporting you around the underband and the cup not mainly using the strap

How do you know the correct adjustments for shoulder straps and back fastenings?

  • Shoulder straps shouldn’t be able to be pulled more than 2-3 fingers above the shoulder once tightened but should also not dig into the skin 
  • The underband should feel secure, it shouldn’t be able to be pulled further away from the back than the width of one hand
  • When first wearing the bra the underband should be worn on the loosest hook and eye fastening so that this can be tightened as the elastic on the bra wears out with wash and wear, extending your bras life 

When should you opt for fuller bust sizes?

Fuller bust lingerie is made to support a larger bust size, it is usually reinforced with a double layer wing / a lined cup and a slightly wider shoulder strap to provide this support.  I’d also recommend having a more snug underband for a fuller bust size wearer to ensure that the support is coming from your underband, cups and underwire, not from the straps.

Are different bra styles better for certain boobs? 

This is more personal preference, a fuller cup will offer more support than a balconette, however lingerie is a personal preference. It has so many end uses that I don’t think it’s for anyone to recommend a general style for a breast shape or size.  Lingerie should be enjoyed and experimented with, its all there for the offering, wear what makes you feel fantastic!

Top 3 bras on the site right now & why?

  1. The Missguided lace balconette bra, I LOVE this bra. I have it in a couple of colourways and will likely buy it in more.  Its super comfy, I can wear it all day and never feel uncomfortable in it 
  2. The Missguided triangle bra. I have this bra too and love it, but the style of the balconette just beats it to 1st position.  This gets rave reviews from everyone in the office who has it 
  3. We sell Wonderbra online also which is a great solutions bra

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