How to layer jewellery like a boss

Layering jewellery can be tricky, you want it to look effortless, but not messy. It can be too easy to just throw the same chunky chain on day in day out (we are guilty of it too), but if you really wanna show off your full collection at once, follow our simple tricks and you’ll be layering like a boss in no time.

One easy way to go about layering jewellery, is to choose two body parts to concentrate on. Instead of just piling on as many necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings as you can, focus on your neck & wrist, or ears and ankles etc. This will stop your jewellery from looking chaotic and ensure there is a real style to it.

Glasses and gold chain
Box of jewellery

Top tips on layering your jewellery

1. Spacing

Spacing your necklaces or earrings is ESSENTIAL. Each piece should be clear to see without another one lying on top of it. If you have pendants or coins on your necklaces, try to choose chains with varying lengths, so that you can see the detail of each piece. This stops it from looking cluttered and shows off all your jewellery.

Rings and necklaces
Layered jewellery on black t shirt

2. Variation

Try to mix up delicate pieces with more statement ones. If you are wearing rings, opt for a super chunky one to sit on the same finger as a plain band. This will keep your jewellery looking elegant and curated. The same goes for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Using a mixture of bold and delicate designs is the ultimate way to show off your varied collection.

3. Colour consistency

One pro tip for making your layered jewellery really stand out is to use the same metal colour throughout your whole look. If you wanna go for silver, the GO for silver. Throw in subtle matching earrings, a chunky chain bracelet and even match this to your belt buckles or shoe detailing. The same goes for gold. However, we are ALL FOR a mixture of coloured stones and textures for an interesting feel.

Layered jewellery and rings
Gold glasses with chain

4. Take your clothing into account

If you are layering necklaces, the neckline and print of your top can be really important. The simpler it is, the more space you have to play around with jewellery. If you are wearing a neutral coloured tee, then up can up your jewellery game to the next level.

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