How to style a headscarf like a pro

Styled by Influencers.

orange blue headscarf nude jacket black bag crop top denim jeans Missguided

If you are obsessing over Instagrammers and their perfectly tousled hair under their headscarf, same. There is something about the headscarf style that gives us our french fantasy that we are living for. So, we thought we would give you a step by step guide on how to style a headscarf to achieve the perfect insta girl look.

Whether you are a fan of muted monochrome tones or love to go bright and bold with your outfit. We’ve got scarf matching styles to suit every preference for the New Year. We have dropped some fire Influencer-inspired outfits for your ‘new year, new me’ look below.

How to tie a headscarf?

Style your hair, as usual, wether that’s curly, wavy or straight. Fold your square headscarf in half so it makes a triangle and grab the two ends. Throw your head forward and take the two ends of the headscarf triangle and tie around your head at the back. Make sure the tip of your triangle faces away from your face. Flip your hair back to meet your new hot gal persona.

Headscarf outfits – Influencer inspo

Sheer headscarf look


It’s safe to say that everyone is obsessing over silk at the moment. Grab a white silk scarf and pair with an oversized white shirt dress, chunky black boots and a white silk mini bag for an insta ready look.

Luxe leather look


Who says wearing a headscarf can’t be sexy? Pair your patterned headscarf with faux leather trousers, a black crop top, black high heels and layered gold jewellery for a sultry look.

Block colour look


Go all black in our fave headscarf outfit. Pair a paisley print bandana with an oversized black blazer dress. Throw on white heeled boots and a white mini bag for a 90’s style black and white look.

Beige headscarf look

Monochrome is an absolute go-to look and is really easy to make an impact. Pair your beige scarf with a matching beige maxi coat, along with a cream ruched bodycon dress, tights and cream heeled boots. If you want a look to take you from the office to after-work drinks, this fit is for you.

If you are drooling over the headscarf look, try out these outfits to make an impact in the new year. If you need to add some headscarf’s to your collection, check the below out at Missguided.