How to style a mask with your outfit

Turn a necessity into an accessory

how to match a mask to your outfit

Now that masks and face coverings are mandatory in the UK, we may as well turn them from a necessity into an accessory. Read our easy guide to find out ways to style your mask with your outfit.

Whether you are looking for a neutral face covering that goes with everything, or a statement one to add a little extra to your outfit, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Why choose a fabric face mask?

By opting for a fabric face covering, you can choose to rewear it over and over. Buy 2 or 3 and pop them in the wash, so you always have a clean one available. It’s also better for the environment if you don’t have to throw it away every time.

Dua lipa street style wearing face mask

Dua Lipa – via Getty images

Bella hadid street style wearing black face mask

Bella Hadid – via Getty images

Take a look below to find the easiest way to pair a mask with any outfit, making sure that you make a BIG impression on your essential trip to the supermarket.

The monochrome mask

Invest in plain coloured face masks and opt for a monochrome outfit head to toe. This statement style is simple but leaves a lasting impression. Team a stone coloured jogger and hoodie set with a matching face covering or go for all black everything, with a leather trench, black jeans, bodysuit and a plain black mask.

The statement mask

Make a statement with a bold mask, making it the focal point of your outfit. Opt for a neutral outfit and pull all the attention with your face covering. Add a bold eye and perfectly styled curls, for your big entrance….to the corner shop.

The clashing mask

The rules of every-day life are ever changing, so why should we be restricted by traditional fashion rules? F*ck the ‘rules’ and just wear whatever mask you want. This isn’t going to last forever, so why waste time worrying whether the colours of your face covering complement your coat. Have fun with prints, colours and designs. Just go for it.

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